Would you read an urban fantasy, modern Robin Hood retelling?



I am writing an unpublished book called Rob-in Hood. Given that the book is an urban fantasy and is a modern Robin Hood retelling, are you likely to give it a chance? If not, why?

  • Yes, I’d have a look.
  • Maybe.
  • No, I won’t give it a chance.

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It is beyond bizarre that aspiring writers think they can improve upon a story written a hundred times over the last several hundred years. I’d further suggest that those not educated to understand that they are always rewriting a version of stories already told.

From my own experience in my plots: A man saves a prostitute from being beaten by her pimp. She falls in love with him but the obstacle to ‘happily ever after’ is that he does not see her as anything other than a prostitute. Wait . . . that’s Pigmallion (Eliza Doolittle), that’s Pretty Woman.

A twin kills her sister (Cane killed Able). The surviving twin’s (cloned) daughter is matures to be a self-replicating hermaphrodite. (Aristophanes / Plato). At some point the character will question whether she’s a ‘real girl’ (Pinocchio). During some point in the story one of the clones is comatose after brain damage. She is systematically raped . . . Isn’t that Kill Bill?


I think it sounds like something you could have a lot of fun writing and a lot of readers would have fun reading.

So definitely do it. I’d be interested :smile:


For me that’s just such an overdone motif.

I haven’t watched all of these (phew…) but enough to feel “I don’t need any more”. And books don’t make an exception; except if it’s drastically different, but then it’s not Robin Hood anymore :wink:


I don’t understand where all that angst is coming from. I mean, is it a crime to write a retelling, and in as sense, it’s more of inspired by than a retelling, anyway. Let writers write what they want, and readers read what they want. I was just wondering about the general opinion about a Robin Hood retelling, although I assure you the plot is very entirely different.

I’m not trying to get you to like anything, but please don’t hate what other people may like either.


Thank you, I’ll definitely give it a shot, and although I am enjoying writing it, I hope that readers find it fun as well!


See I said maybe not because retelling stories is bad, at all, but because we have Beauty and the Beast, the original Disney animation, we have Beauty and the Beast, the 2017 live action movie, (all of the written and artistic interpretations over hundreds of years) AND…we have… Beastly (2011)


Well, if that’s the case, I can assure you the book’s plot is so very different from Robin Hood’s plot, the only thing in common is the name of the book honestly. :joy: :joy:


But why do that then? Why is it still a Robin Hood retelling if actually everything about it is different? ^^;


Well the tv show “Mr. Robot” is sort of a modern twisting of Robin Hood, and that’s found an audience…


CREATIVE writers write because they have a story to tell. Whitney Houston had a hell of a voice. Karoake singers singing her songs is invariably cringe-worthy.

If you write your own song, only you can sing it badly.


Well, perhaps because the character’s motives are similar to those of Robin Hood and most people think of the protagonist as a modern Robin Hood, so…


Listen, I know where you are coming from. But I think you misunderstand my book. Have you read the lunar Chronicles? They are based off Disney princesses but they have one hell of a plot. The reason I say retelling is because my main character is thought of in the book as the Robin Hood of the people, but what the plot is about has nothing to do with Robin Hood’s plot.

Anyway, I respect and understand where you are coming from. If you deem retellings unworthy and cringe worthy, feel free not to glance there way. :slight_smile:


I see what you mean! Some retellings are worth seeing!


I’ve always had a bit of an interest for retellings, so I say go ahead and write it if you believe it to be worth it!


Thank you for your opinion, I will do my best!


I wouldn’t mind it. Write what you want. There is an audience for retellings.


Oh great wise and pretentious one! Please tell us more about how stupid we are! We are eager to hear how uneducated we must be for wanting to tell our own version of a story, which, as you have described, is useless, but also, is what all stories are.


Now I have to get ready to teach a class. It’s important that I prep my “you’re all idiots and, you’re doing creativity wrong” speech so that they’ll be ready to learn correctly.