Would you read an urban fantasy, modern Robin Hood retelling?



Just a quick note: a real life man who was considered by some to be a modern robin hood was Al Capone, who famously robbed banks, but was known to look after the poor in his neighborhood. Even though he was responsible for a massacre, many people were sad when he was arrested. They thought of him as a hero.

So he might be someone to look into for ideas of what a modern robin hood would look like.


True story - my great great grandmother was the midwife at his birth. She came from the same Italian village on the same boat as his parents.
My great grandmother said that growing up they lived like cousins with the Capones - in the same building at first and then always within a block or two from each other. Al gave her a piggyback to her first day of Kindergarten. He was known to be very “protective”


Thank you for the info!


You are somehow connected to every famous person, arent you.


Is he?


Do you really want a lesson? Here’s part one for free . . .

When capitalism and art wed, story-telling became a ‘for profit’ endeavour. Bean-counters using spreadsheets determined what would sell and what would not, but they needed data to inform their decisions, therefore they invested in the likely success of what had come before. However, rising production costs forced the US to face an international market. Hollywood went bust in the 80s and needed international finance. Outside of the USA nobody cares about the whole ‘cowboy’ thing so Westerns died overnight. At this point, the continuing celebration of US military might was not going to fly with the investors (largely German). This explains why “Top Gun” (1986) is the last of those films. It also explains why "I,Robot (2004) seems more like “I’ Audi”.

Whilst Hollywood attempts to reboot whatever worked for the last generation, the struggle continues.


Not all of us here want to make money from books, did it never occur to you that we write what we write because it’s fun and enjoyable?

Whether people like the books or not, it is up to them.


Dont mind them. They’ve created a narrative of reality in their head to help them cope. Arguing with them won’t help because what you say doesnt fit with their delusion.


This is a weird statement, seeing as most Westerns weren’t even specifically Hollywood productions -

People were just fed up with the genre and wanted something new ^^;


Pray tell me, what other genre’s have people got fed up with. With the advent of globalisation, half the standard plots died. (1) Cowboys vs Indians. (2) Jocks and Cheerleaders (3) American military might.


It all comes back to Brooklyn :woman_shrugging:

A bunch of our family tracked down the records a couple years ago. We always knew Great-Grandma’s stories but then found everything that confirmed it.

The 1905 census record for Carmela “meadwife” :joy: living at 271 3rd Ave. Earlier census records didn’t list her occupation but had the family living on Garfield place. This address is only 2 blocks away. Carmela’s maiden name was Troiano.

The ship registry where Capone’s parents Gabriel and Teresina (G and T) are listed and then bit below siblings S and C Troiano ages 17 and 16 for Salvatore and Carmela.



Good grief, can you write just one post that isnt dripping in condescension?


The little weird character below the Troiano is the mark they used for “ditto”


So Saving Private Ryan or Independence Day et all don’t exist? There’s no Men in Black etc., invariable taking place in the US? Not every single super hero movie is filled with US characters that save the day - in the US?
You are aware that Vietnam happened and that people thought more critical about the military afterwards, right? Didn’t require pesky foreigners.

All those 2000s comedys about “jocks and cheerleaders” are imaginary? All the highschool crap with the same are just, what? Fake?


I’m personally not a fan of retellings simply because I already know the original story and therefore know what happens. If it’s Robin Hood-inspired, however, but not an outright plot-for-plot retelling, I think it could be very interesting!


Yeah, it’s totally war-critical and not a “we must fight and win this war because we are the good guys!” movie. Like Black Hawk Down. Absolute anti-war dramas :joy:


No matter what you say or how you say it, you’ll be wrong :joy:

But don’t fash, you’re in good company with nearly all of WP.


I would recommend you get something new in it. Like not just the character/setting, but the very plot and concept itself. Like maybe show the bad side of robin hood (and end it with him getting caught), or maybe a morally upright police officer facing the conflict between social welfare versus upholding the law. And the difficulties in today’s world to be a robin hood. Or even end with a philosophical debate regarding the ethics of robin hood’s actions.

Basically, something unique that makes your contribution to the lore of greater worth, which would not only attract readers but also motivate you to write it down.


Thank you for the feedback, I will do my best to make Rob-in Hood unique!


That may actually be the least intelligent hypothesis since revisionism. Now we all know why your profile is hidden.