Would you read an urban fantasy, modern Robin Hood retelling?



I think you would struggle to do a retelling that has anything new in it - but if there was some sort of fantastic new take on it - then I’d be interested for sure -otherwise - especially for British people - it would probably feel a bit like recycling old hat. Although that said - i would probably instantly popcorn a vampire themed Robin Hood movie - not sure how that would translate into a book though. So for me it’s a “no”. Can you elaborate more on your thought perhaps? I think if you gave us the general theme beyond the standard “good v evil” we’d be able to go “oooooo!” or “meh” a lot easier.


For me, I think the retelling would have to do something really different and cool to hold my attention. I’m generally not a fan of straight retellings but something that’s more Robin Hood inspired than Robin cut and pasted somewhere else could be interesting :slight_smile:


She never wrote a song in her life and her greatest hits were covers of other people’s songs…I’m not sure this interpretation of creativity is thought out at all.


again - worst hypothesis ever.


flagged. you are being insulting to people directly when in fact it is your theories that demonstrate a lack of understanding. Don’t insult people. especially when your profile is hidden - that’s just cowardly.


There was a real man like that in Kerala too.
At the time of British rule with rich uppercastes in positions of power, the poor suffered, badly.
At that time came Kochunni a thief from childhood who became the terror of rich and god of poor.

Just recently there was a retelling of this book, in movie, and by far it was one among the most successful movie in Mollywood.

So by all means go on, write that story. If written well and advertised well, every story will get audience.

All the best


because what you have written has zero substantive value. It’s ramblings and opinion that is uniformed and incorrect. And trust me on this - I have absolutely no interest at all in who you are. Stop trying to make things personal - no-one actually cares enough about you in here - they’re just struggling to come to grasps with the level of vanity and lack of precision in the theories you espouse.




I vaguely remember a short lived comic book series in the early 90s that was set in a dystopian future that featured a Robin Hood type character and a band of outlaws. This was not set in England, but a ruined version of America.

Just trying to remember what the title was.


This could be very interesting and does have a lot of different places to go. I recommend looking into how poverty works today and do some research on the sociopolitical climate relating to this – and how the rich are hoarding the wealth today.


People have championed the underdog and romanticized the criminal since time immemorial. In reality - Robin Hood was most likely a vagabond gang leader much like the Crips and Bloods who did very little if anything for the community. I would be interested to see a retelling that paints him in that light to be honest!

In the UK - we also had Dick Turpin - a highwayman who was romanticized - turns out he was a violent rapist and murderer who tortured his victims. In the USA - we had Bonnie and Clyde romanticized too (along with a string of other equally unsavory people). Capone was a brutal man responsible for the deaths of many innocent people - I would not put too much stock in the “Robin Hoodesque” interpretation of him. He was more like the Kray twins in the UK. Looked after his own - and everyone else be damned.


You do realize people have been rewriting stories since stories were created, right? You don’t need to be some kind of academic to understand and tell a story. No reason to stifle people’s creative range.


and a partridge and a pear tree…

Play ball!

I’m down with this. Do you know how many books have almost the same theme running concurrently in every single of them to create mass insanity with most readers?

It’s like the Daily Double off that one game show of Jeopardy and you have to keep making the same guesses in order to win points or money.

Unless you find a book or a writer who doesn’t fall into the same traps as most do these days in fiction, you’re going to have a lot of Hollywood clones of the same movies over and over and books that basically are a copy or a close copy of some child hood fairy tale.


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Because I’m interested.


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This is a great pun. A++


I always liked the 70s disney fox characterization of him because he was a sweet, happy-go-lucky kind of trickster that let the ruling class burn themselves up in their own hate and pride.


I love retellings, so yes, if the blurb sounds interesting I’d check it out. Also, a unique title can manage to lure me in, I tend to skip the 245785 Beauty and the Beast retellings that have either ‘beauty’ or ‘beast’ in their title.