Would you read it? Cover + Title


In the old clubs I’ve seen a lot of those “Rate the title” threads, but, in my opinion, those aren’t a good reflection of reality. Readers decide on the title and the cover whether they want to know more about the book and maybe read it or not!

So in this thread, tell us whether you would read the story of the person above based on title and the cover. Then post your own cover and title. Easy, right?

I’ll start:




I agree, it’s always a combination of the title and the cover that brings me in.

Looking at your cover, I would most likely click on the book or pick it up. The name is intriguing, as it gives nothing away about the book. Neither does the cover, but it’s aesthetically pleasing. Well done :+1:

Here’s mine:

Jaywalking With Strangers


I would definitely click on it because of the cover and title. The cover looks like it belongs on a published novel. It looks like a story with meaning, like a teenage adventure or something.

Cracked Coffins


I really like the cover, chances are I’d check the summary :slight_smile:



The cover looks a bit bland but the title is a bit intriging so I’d probably read the description and judge based on that whether to pick it up or not.

Star-crossed Strangers

this book is something from my other account



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It sounds like a romance novel, which I don’t particularly read. However, If I did read the genre, I’d find your cover interesting enough to read the description.

The Fairytale Assassin


I love the title! I think I’d definitely click on it, the cover looks pretty exciting too.



I wasn’t sure at first. My eyes were drawn to the image first and I thought it was a bit too simple, but then as I read the title and little quote, I realised it really suited what was being said. So I would pick it up and see what it is about :slight_smile:



I think I would read this book based on the cover and title. I love how starry it is and the simplicity yet the little details that you had added to make it catch the eye. Really lovely cover, so yes, I would read it. I will just say that there is a lot of very bright white on the cover, which contrasts with the darkness of the photo. I think you could possibly do without the white shapes in the corners because to me it just makes it feel as though there is a little too much going on. Other than that though, I think it sounds like a very interesting story that I would want to check out.



I would definitely read the description and read the prologue. That is for sure.



I’m staring at it, and if I was in the mood for horror I would definitely read the description. Other than that, no.



Sorry, but I don’t think so. The cover is (in my opinion) not really eye catching and it doesn’t really tell me anything about your story combined with your title.


We Are The World


I’m very much captivated by the cover., I would definitely read the first chapter, at least, if I stumbled upon it.



Thanks! I made it myself


the title portrays the book as a horror werewolf type book so i wouldn’t pick it up. but if my assumptions are right i think the cover fits the ‘style’ well.

Lady Night




That cover is so cool, might be one of the best I’ve seen! I’d totally check it out, seems interesting.




6/10 | the only ‘problem’ i have with the cover is that it looks a bit empty. i checked the blurb out on your wattpad profile and it seems like a sad-mystery-romance novel. the cover doesn’t really match the vibe of the blurb

i first made the two covers that look alike in 2015 and i was so proud on how it came out. fast-forward to 2017, i made another version (which is essentially the newest one but more sloppy) which i have lost. the newest version is the finalized version

Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket


If I were into the genre that it seems to be in, I would probably read it based on the first cover and the first cover only. The second seems more cramped and the third is too simplistic for my liking. The title is eh, it doesn’t scream good or bad right away, so that wouldn’t really sway me into either direction.

Here’s mine. It’s the first cover I’ve made in a while so… its horrible it’s not my best.

Title: Everything/Nothing