Would you read it? Cover + Title


I’m sorry but I wouldn’t click on your book. It’s a nice cover but it doesn’t appeal to me that’s all.



Unfortunately I don’t think I would read it. Personally the word ‘grind’ seems weird and the vibe I get from the cover doesn’t seem to be my kind of read.

Title: Twelve Faces Of The Moon


I think I would read this. There’s no indication of genre or what the story is about, but I am intrigued by it - mainly because of these factors. I especially like the title, I think it’s quite unique.


Totally looks like a Hollywood movie poster–awesome job!!

Here’s mine:


I don’t know if I would read it. The title is nice, but the cover is not attractive to me.
Title: Seventeen


Anything I could change to make the cover more appealing?


I think the middle looks a bit empty and maybe it’s too bright… but this is just my opinion, I’m not an expert :blush:


No problem, your opinion is totally valid! I’ll think about what I can re-work. maybe add something in the middle idk lol


What is it about? Maybe that can help you discover what you should add and what not :blush:


Is there an account I could message you on? I don’t wanna clog the forums lol


Same username as in here :blush:


The cover looks good, it’s a bit blurry but that could be a combination of not so great internet and it being on the forms. Although I wouldn’t read it only because it sounds like a lot of teen fic books.

Club Ana


I would read it, the title and the sentence on the cover of the book had me quite intrigued. Plus the combination of red and black makes it kind of mysterious and wanting to know more.

Mine is: Maybe Someday


I would definitely click on it, but I don’t know if I would read it. However, that’s just because I’m not a big romance fan. But I still really like the cover. It’s simple, but it gets the point across. The purple strip at the bottom just throws me off a little because it doesn’t seem to fit the cover.

The Forgotten Land


I would definitely click on it and read it as it looks really interesting. The title and sentence it’s self is really intriguing. The cover is put together really well aswell, what did you use to make it
A Bullet For My Valentine btw it’s not a fanfic.


I really like your cover. The second I saw it I thought ‘Wow, that’s kind of creepy’ (which probably is the goal of the cover?) and the blood is a nice detail. Your title is strong as well, I’m quite curious about your story now, actually. Lastly, I think the cover and the title really make sense together.

This is my cover (it’s in Dutch, but the story is about a top-secret time-travelling agency)


It sounds really interesting I’m actually pretty intrigued like I’ll read anything tbh, like the cover goes really well with how your story is about time travel. It’s also really clear aswell Is it all in Dutch? Or is it just the title?


Thanks! The title is in English (because it is about an international agency), but the story is in Dutch. I might translate the story to English one day, but finishing it in Dutch is hard enough for now, haha!


Thank you! I really like your cover as well. I used canva.com
It is great for doing covers, they even have templates for wattpad covers and the best thing of all is that it is free!


Omg thanks, I may have to try it out. I’ve been trying you find like a decent site to do covers but it’s so hard to try and find one!