Would you read it? Cover + Title


You could probably get someone to translate it once you’ve finshed it tbf


I like the cover image! Considering your story’s context, it fits pretty nicely. However, I’d suggest putting the author’s name (your name) up there somewhere.



Bruh… I don’t mean to be rude but… did you literally just use one of the Canva templates… and replace the text with your title and name…

Eh. Whatever.


@jhobbes627 I like it! I’d read it personally as i’m curious about the planet, and the composition/ implementation of the design is overall excellent c:


Dark Mark


No I wouldn’t sorry.






Finding Franco Chavez


i have no idea who im supposed to be critiquing here, but @Allergic2Normal i’d check out your book because the cover looks quite interesting and like it might set me up for an angsty read, and @JaxMayflower sorry, no, i wouldn’t! not a huge fan of the font and emma watson is so iconic that her presence on the book cover is sort of distracting to me. :slight_smile:

tuesday & max


What? Why? Did I do something wrong?


It’s a well-made cover which I adore and the colour scheme is nice but I would suggest making your author name a little bigger as it would be hard to see when shrunk down. Also, with the title, it annoys me a little that ‘tuesday’ and ‘max’ aren’t capitalised as (I’m assuming) they’re names. But I probably wouldn’t read it as it doesn’t feel like my type of book, sorry :confused:


Kingdom of Decay


The title is supposed to be with a weird font, it’s a murder mystery.


i don’t think it’s weird, i just don’t like it personally. :blush: if it suits your story then you do you!


no problem! your cover’s cool, can really tell the genre from it!


Personally, I’m a huge sucker for fantasy stories, and this definitely looks like a fantasy story. The cover is really well made and gives you a good idea about the type of story it’s going to be. I would definitely read it.


The Forgotten Land


@the_avid_reader So it is a great idea for a cover and I like the title but the title separation throws people off. I thought originally the title was just The Forgotten. Also the name of the author and the title is sort of hard to read. Other than that it is a good idea.

Love And Blood Over Innocence

(My updated cover.)


I like how anonymous the women is over the city. “Love and Blood Over Innocence” sounds scandalous.


Connie Supernatural Friends


A really attractive cover! The colour scheme works perfectly and the red lips really pop! I’d definitely give it a read!
Lord Monticrox by Wren_Parsons
Lord Monticrox


Not one of my favourite covers ever as I have no idea what the image is on the cover? Is it a dragon or something else. It also doesn’t really stand out. So therefore no.



Based on the title probably not :confused: Just because I’ve come across to similar titles before so it doesn’t really stand out. But i like how the cover is kept to a minimal.

Title: Twelve Faces Of The Moon


I would click on it. The way the hands are positioned in combination with the title makes me think about a werewolf story? (correct my if I’m wrong) The cover itself is dark and mysterious, I would check it out!

Title: Alorne