Would you read it? Cover + Title


I think that the font for the title could be simpler as I had no idea what the title was. The way that the flecks of flames are placed on the image are nice and I imagine it’s a dragon fantasy? I would definitely check it out.




I can see why you would say that, but no its not a werewolf story XP

PS: I LOVE YOUR COVER AND TITLE. Would definitely click on it! x


I don’t think I’d ready it because it looks like a scary book to me. The picture of the mansion is a bit blurry I think, I would try to find a cleaner image.



I would read it, mostly for the cover more than the title. It seems like it would be a coming of age story, which I tend to like.

Burton’s Children (The Dark Charm-Caster)


Definitely! In fact, I’ve just added it to my reading list!

Call of the Raven

If you wouldn’t read, mind explaining why? If it’s because the cover is boring or the title isn’t interesting, then that’s different from just not being interested in the genre. Thank you!


I would probably see the summary, as the title and overlay on the raven are cool. I would say it feels like it has a lot of empty space, so I would suggest adding something soft (like really really faint clouds) or making the raven a bit larger. But then again graphics are not my specialty and it is definitely an eye-catching cover.


The cover is nice, it has a mystery vibe. Makes me wonder what heroes really are hiding, maybe they’re the bad guys :open_mouth:
I would definitely read the blurb, however, Personally I probably wouldn’t read it, only because I’m not a huge fan of that genre.



Tears Of Crows


I like the image. Personally I would find a way to switch up the fonts a little. Overall, yes I would read it.


Sleepless November


I would read it based off the cover even though you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover


Fallen Angels



I’m getting a real romance vibe from this, which isn’t really a genre I read. I do like the simplicity of your cover and the name is cool, but it’s just not my thing.

Without Thorns


I would absolutely love this, because I love lore. I think the cover is really fitting, I actually had to go add it my library. The picture is perfect. The only thing is the second “L” in “All” is a bit hard to see.


Lullaby For The Sadist


Thanks so much! Yeah I need to find a way to make the writing more readable, but I’m reluctant to change the font… i need to be less stubborn :thinking:


i totally would! i think i’d add a shadow to the text, but otherwise it’s a really interesting cover! :slight_smile:

tuesday & max


I’m not personally into light looking stuff like that, but considering so many people are - it’s really good! The cover looks beautiful and simple, not too complicated or confusing. I love the colours as well!



The cover is really beautiful but I don’t really know what it’s about. For the cover and the title, I would give it a go as long as is not paranormal or something like that.


The title and cover come off as very cliche to me. But he cover does look nice (albeit simple) and it will attract readers who like the typical coming of age stories.



I might give it a chance if I’m in the mood for a fantasy saga vibe. The lulling lilac is attractive.