Would you read it? Cover + Title


I may read it but it seems like fantasy and I’m not a huge fan of fantasy. The cover seems like it’s missing something though, it looks a bit too simple.



We enlisted a friend, @Lazybrew


I think the image is great for the vibe I’m getting and the title. However, I’m not a big fan of the font! Based on that, I might give it a go.


I like the picture and font and it’s giving me some romantic teen vibes, but it’s not that cohesive yet (it just looks like letters on a picture instead of a cover). I think a small frame can already help with that! But yes, I think I’d check it out, I’m really intrigued to know why you chose “Summer Rain” as a title.




The cover is cute but It isn’t my genre. I’d still probably check it out though.

The Only One
*This is my 54th attempt at making a cover for my story. I also changed the title 435353252252 times lol


I would definitely end up reading this, I love the art style and that it looks like a story of Witches , that is definitely something I’ve wanted to read before but haven’t got around to. Great work @WintRose



Thanks so much! :heart_eyes:


I’d probably read the description, the cover certainly is interesting. Gives me futuristic vibes.



I might look at the summary. But for me, it’s honestly not that eye catching. That’s just my opinion, though.



I dunno. It seems pretty interesting; however, the various parts of the cover looks like they’ve just been placed on top of each other. Also, the font for the title and author’s name don’t go well with the whole theme of the rest of the cover.

Once Upon a Rainy Day


Ooh I love the colors! Certainly eyecatching would be a click on the cover at least, if the blurb is interesting as well I’ll give it a go!

Alorne- Return of the dragons (second book in the Alorne trilogy)


Edit: I only notice just now the picture is a bit unsharp


I don’t know, judging from the cover I think it might be high fantasy, which I don’t tend to go for on Wattpad. (Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s weird because I like reading fantasy off of Wattpad but not on).

The Girl Next Door



It is a high fantasy yes (and, such pity)


@wendlynfae I might take a look at the blurb just because I tend to give the blurb a chance, even though the title caused my thoughts jumped right away to a cliche teen romance which I sometimes get bored. Though again I tend to give blurbs chances anyway. I recommend fixing the text because it is sort of hard to read. The title text is easier but the other text is harder.

Okay so this is more of a first draft/place cover and to get ideas flowing. So it is awful cover.

Dead Beginnings


I love the juxtaposition with the title “Dead Beginnings”. It’s an intriguing contrast. The fancy design around it is a nice touch but the skull looks a bit too blurred and faded to fit in with the theme of it. Maybe something more sold would be fitting?

Title: Farriage (Irish for Sea)
This is a place holder photo and I’m manly focusing on the title. It’s a collection of short stories inspired by Irish folklore and legends with my own twist. coer


This post says the cover is a place holder but from the description it just might fit nicely, however I’m not really big into folklore, but like I said this cover would fit it nicely.

Title:Kaneji: A curious world unknown


Does it have that black border on the cover itself too? Because if it does, it would be 6/10, but without it, I’d say it’s perfect! It’s really fantasy-like, fits the title and really draws the reader in.


Post It Pink


Lol hahaha nope that’s a screenshot my original photo wouldnt upload for some reason :joy::rofl::rofl::joy: but thank u


I would check the blurb, for sure. I like the simplicity of the cover. It feels like it would be a light-hearted story, probably teenfic or something in that spectrum. But at the same time, I’m not sure it would catch reader’s eyes when scrolling through search results or discover page, it doesn’t stand out that much. 7/10

Under The Moon


Can I have the link to this?