Would you read it? Cover + Title


oooooohhhhhhh. :open_mouth:


Wow, this is a great cover! The genre doesn’t really seem like something I would read, but I would at least check it out. Good job!

Chasing The Sun


I like that Image, however the actual title confused me. I read it as “Chasing the Sun Shadow” because they were too close. Maybe put the author name at the bottom of the cover and lower the actual title to just above “She was everything I wasn’t”. Just suggestions, but I would read it because I like the title :smile:

When Love Happened


For my book ? I’m not sure we can post links


They can’t post a link to the book but if you search their username AlexaMcGinnis on Wattpad you’ll be able to find the book :slight_smile:


Honestly I love your cover, definitely the type to draw a reader in. HOWEVER, it seems like a drama/romance which I personally am not into >_< So I wouldn’t read it.

TITLE: The Grim’s Lullaby


I love your cover, the dark colors and setting match perfectly, i’m guessing it’s either fantasy or historical fiction (i like both). I would definitely read it!

The Roman Project: The Wronged


I don’t know if I’ll read it. I can’t guess what kind of novel it is by the title and the cover isn’t appealing to me. I would suggest to keep it a little bit simpler, and use another color for the author’s name, it’s not easy to read this way.



you always have such amazing covers! I really like this one, but I’ve seen the other cover you had for the same story (the lighter one) and I do think I’d prefer that one. Also, the title is really intriguing and simple at the same time so yes, I would read it!


Thank you! Yeah, I just get insecure with my covers so I always try a bunch of them and see which one is better haha :heart:



hi, here’s mine!



Yes, I’ll read. My first thought is, teen fic. Cute and lovey dovey!


Yup! It is both! XD


I honestly don’t like the cover. I dislike when there are more than two types of fonts. Possible sticking to one font. I think the subtitle is too large. Maybe making it smaller My eyes first go there instead of the title. In my opinion, I think all of the text is too close together. Possibly separating the author name to another location. I like the idea of the cover model but the picture itself isn’t clear. In my experience that happens when you transform an image larger than it can handle a resolution. The title I like. It is a good choice and I would check out the blurb. I hope I don’t seem harsh. I am sorry if I do. I just want to help.

Title: Dead Beginnings
Genre: Paranormal


I’d say yes, I would read it - the rose on the sword is intriguing and the overall composition is very well done. What i’d suggest next if making it a little more atmospheric - e.g. adding a ‘glow’ behind the rose/sword to give a more paranormal eerie feel (if that makes sense) ^-^



Thank you.


I get a horror theme from it, and that’s not a genre I personally enjoy. I like the cover though. The font doesn’t quite fit in my opinion, it just looks a bit odd. 9/10

Devil’s Carnival


I would read even though I don’t really like horror


The cover in my opinion really brings out the sadness of the girl and with that title it’s obvious. The lightning sorta give me a classic friday the 13 vibe here but that can also be used to describe the isolation and emotions the character is feeling in the picture.

Book: Erudites: The Necromancer


I’m not sure. I think I’d read the summary at least.