Would you read it? Cover + Title


I’d probably check out the summary. The cover gives a fantasy vibe and I love fantasy.



The mask makes me think of The Phantom of the Opera. But the cover is so simple. I love it, and I would probably pick it up and read it. I might read the first two chapters in the store before I bought it though.



Your cover is simply gorgeous, i would definitely pick this book up to read if based on only the cover!

Now for mine,
Title: Gnats (Allodasos, 1)
genre: fantasy


Possibly. It would be one of those times when I would turn the book over to read the back or the inside of the front cover.

Here’s mine…


Probably, I’d most likely read the summary first.

Here’s mine :


The book cover looks okay. The picture, if in HD version would be more eye-catching. The font, too, could use a little change. Little bigger. Maybe a block-type of font. Though, for me the summary is what I look for so… yeah. After a little bit of editing, it could look professional. Not critizing you, just helping. But again, it’s totally your choice, if you want to follow my advice.


I probably wouldn’t read it as it doesn’t seem to be the genre I read. To improve your cover (like @Bad_Time has suggested) I would make the title and author name bigger as when it’s shrunk down on the wattpad app, people may not be able to read it.

Kingdom of Ash


i’d give it a go since I like fantasy. Your cover is beautiful, I love it.


The photo is very beautiful. My only concern might be how well “Seventeen” stands out against the background when seen as a smaller thumbnail.

Here’s my impression of the title:
Seventeen: Okay, with a name like that, I’m expecting teen fiction. Probably contemporary. Maybe there’s romance. Probably some drama. Am I right? If not, that might be a problem. But if I’m right, then I suppose the title is doing it’s job.

Based on my impressions, it’s probably not the kind of story I’m into. (I don’t usually go for contemporary teen dramas.) But I know there are readers that do. I think the real selling-point would be the blurb, since the title could mean anything.

(Ha, as I type this, I begin to have new thoughts on my own cover. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Just a Kiss


I like the cover, and can see many people being intrigued by it, but I myself would not click to read it. It looks like the type of book where it’s just drama and high school, and honestly I’m not interested in all that.
I like how simple it is, with the kiss in both the title and cover. Most of the time when I see a cover, the title has no place with the cover, but that might just be a pet peeve of mine (I’m also realizing that I have a book that does that yikes).

Anyway, here is my cover:



I think I would read the blurb and open this book, it definitely has me intrigued because of how vague the title is and how curious I am. So if I saw it, I would give it a try.

Here’s mine:

Dare to Indulge


Wow. That cover and font look stunning. I would definitely click it.


It’s simple, but interesting enough to make me wanna check it out.


Uh… No. The title and the cover look makes me feel that this story is going to me a sex story. I don’t read pure smut. Sorry.

Here’s mine:


I would love to read it, just one recommendation, if you don’t mind, Keep the font a little less bloody
P.S : I am back on this group after a long time, and I am here only because of your messages


Yay. Welcome back, Maneet.
And thanks ^-^


Probaby not, because action/thriller stories aren’t really my thing. It does give me the feeling that its got a bit of comedy though, so I’d at least look at the description.



Very much a no-go for me there. It looks too much like a generic bad boy romance novel or a trashy K-Pop fanfiction.



Probably, I’d most likely read the summary first.163253294-256-k805329


I might. The font is a bit hard to read and a little too small. I would suggest making it a bit larger. I would check out the blurb though.