Would you read it? Cover + Title


Ohh the cover looks super cool! The borders remind me of 1920’s, while the image reminds me of either royalty or masquerade. I’d check out the blurb.



8/10 I really like it, I’d read it!



That’s much better than your previous cover! I really have nothing else to say because it’s great, but where’s the author name?

Pila Lux



Your cover’s quite unique. The title is as well.

I feel like the font for the tagline and title isn’t exactly right. I think it needs more prestige like this:

The font for your name is common for teen fiction, chicklit, and romance. Is that the genre for this book? It’s also a better font than the font for your title. I would make sure your title gets more attention than your name in your books.


Yeah, @NotLikeYouThink told me it doesn’t fit as well. I’ll change it. Also, could you possibly elaborate more for the font? What do you have in mind? Hope I’m not bothering you :sweat_smile:


Not at all.

I don’t know what your book is about but the font you chose isn’t evoking the “luxe” in your title. I think it needs more classic glamour, like the fonts of luxury brands. I don’t know your book though, so I could be wrong.


It’s not ‘luxe’ it’s ‘lux’.

I’ll try to search for a more suitable font. Thank you for all your help.


Good luck!




That’s really cool! The cover is very nicely done and although it doesn’t seem like my type of genre (it seems like a poetry type thing) for people who are interested in that, I’d imagine they would. 9/10, it’s a bit blurry though and the font doesn’t really seem to fit.



8/10 I really like the font!



Thanks! I like the contrast of the hard font and the poetic nature of the image, though. It fits my story well.

I don’t know if I can ever get a cover with a finer resolution. My designer is super busy these days. :frowning:


Ooh, that’s tricky.


I would definitely click on the story! But, that might have a lot to do with the diversity in the character and the interesting contrast in the title. To me, this doesn’t really look like a cover though. That might just be me though!


Not a fan of the lined spaces there but overall, the cover does attract me! I’d definitely want to check it out!



I like it. Gives me very 90’s Saved By the Bell vibes. Looks like something I’d enjoy. Would definitely take a peek.


Oof! That’s the first I heard bout the 90’s vibe but yeah, you’re right! I just noticed it lol


I really like font and colors of the title. 6/10



I probably wouldn’t read it as it doesn’t seem like my type of book. But… 7/10. I like how the girl’s shoulders are blurred to make you focus more on the top half of the cover but the one thing I’ve noticed is that there’s no author name on the cover. You might want to add that :woman_shrugging:

Kingdom of Decay


Ooh that cover is so pretty! The title is easy to read and has a great contrast compating to the background. Iwould definately check out the blurb and if that one is good you have gotten yourself a new reader 9/10.