Would you read it? Cover + Title


Yes, I would - the colours and the dragon and ahh the background design’s perfect - Only thing i’d suggest is with the title maybe change the font as it’s quite hard to read - ‘kurayami’ is a font which is quite similar and a bit easier to read if that helps c: https://www.deviantart.com/elisadevelon/art/Kuroshitsuji-Font-Kurayami-284428090



OOH that font is so pretty! Thanks for the feedback :smile:


Your cover is really good and very professional. I like the font and the colour scheme. It looks very mysterious. That being said, I probably wouldn’t read it based on the cover as it doesn’t look like my sort of story. Awesome cover though :slight_smile:
Here is mine


Uh YES!! I love how your cover is so aesthetically pleasing, and you can clearly see the title and the authors name. The border patterns really make the background pop.

Here’s mine

Crash Course; Aftermath


I probably wouldn’t, to be honest. There’s not much on the cover and it doesn’t look like something that would be about the Star Wars universe.

Shatter of Eventime


I would not read it, sorry. There’s not a lot happening on the cover to suggest what it’s about, and I don’t like how blurred/shaky the text looks.

Here’s mine:

What the Morning Brings


That is so pretty! The colours of the words fit perfectly, I love the slight hint of the circus without overdoing it or making it too flashy. I love the image, the font, the colours, the title; eye-catching while still really simple. So yes, I would read it!




Wildest (final book of trilogy)


I love the way the face is removed from the cover. I can’t tell you exactly why, but the way it connects to the title and aesthetic of the cover simply falls right in my mind. I would certainly read this. My only critique would be her head covering too much of the word ‘Pink’. Don’t get me wrong, I love the overlap but I would make it overlap slightly less?


I like the font your title as it feels appropriate. I also like the tree branches. I’m just not exactly sure what I’m looking at when it comes to this cover. And the shadows are kind of confusing. Are they plants or people? I’m not sure. I don’t think I’d read it.



The ambiguity is intended! I’m so glad that came through :slight_smile: thanks!


Seems like a self-help book rather than a story. Not sure what you’re gunning for here, but if it was something to do with philosophical journeys etc then I might take a peek.
I hope I haven’t offended you. Honesty is my policy.


I like the cover a lot! It makes good use of thirds, so your eyes are naturally drawn to certain parts of the image like the person, and it just looks very intriguing to me. My only thing is that I feel like the author name is kind of floating in the middle of nowhere, and it’s also a bit small, so it might be difficult to see when it’s shrunk down to the normal size of wattpad covers.

The Train Over Acheron


Yeah, I just wanted more of a watermark than name. Thanks for your comments, though!


I love your color! It definitely gives off a peaceful, bittersweet vibe, and I love the color scheme?? The title matches the palette of the image beautifully.



Your cover provides a fun vibe. I love how ‘what’ and ‘morning’ is 1 color while ‘the’ and ‘brings’ is another color. I’m also curious to see what the morning is bringing. I think I would read it.



The title is catchy and immediately I want to dive in and find out the elements are about and if this is an adventure or kind of self help thing. I only even get the idea of it being potentially a self-help because of the cover being of a person actively exercising. Even at that I love how it is simple and very very intriguing all at once.



I think having three main images is confusing for the eye because its hard to know which one to focus on. Plus, I’d try to lay them out so that there aren’t any awkward empty corners. The title seems to suit your story well since it gives off a more medieval vibe?


i like the cover and the contrast of the gold and black but what caught my eye was the fact that the words flowed with the picture. Great job :+1:

Honor Bound


Probably, I’d most likely read the summary first.

Here’s mine :