Would you read it? Cover + Title


Ivory Black is a very nice name and title, since it makes you wonder what’s so intriguing about her. The cover is simple but attractive, and the blur on the bottom is great and attracts attention to the top. It’s very beautiful and I think I would read it.

Pieces Of Us



@infIorescent Good feedback thank you. The story is actually modern but I totally see the medieval vibe.

I like the Title “Pieces of Us” which draws in the mind right way to what it could mean. The broken glass is also a very strong element, but I found the break between this clear image and the more obscure background for the title to be a bit distracting.



I definitely like this version of your cover more! It’s a lot less distracting now that there’s only one central image, and I think the image you chose is intriguing. I think the text could use some work, both with placement and font. Mainly, I just think it would look more professional if the text was a less generic font.


Different series there. lol I have three main ones I have worked on.

Mystical, festival, and layered is what I read on this cover. From the tents that could be medieval or circus to the constellation behind the beautiful font everything begs to be opened to see what is kept locked in the pages.

Third series book 2 cover. XD



Oh omg I’m so sorry! I must’ve been distracted or something haha because I didn’t even realize that the titles were different :sweat_smile:


Based on the cover, it looks like something I might enjoy, so I’ll probably check it out! If it were me, I might have centered “ALAMAR,” but that’s just a personal preference.


I like the color-scheme it is a very pretty cover. I’m not sure whether the last words is Acheron or Icheron or something else. That is my only complaint. A train doesn’t sound intriguing to me personally, so although I love the cover itself, without knowing was Acheron/Icheron is and not having a summary, I do not know if I would read or not. The summary would have to sell me, I suppose.



I feel like your image, while pretty, doesn’t really give insight into what the book’s about. I like the title, but I think the actual text is a little hard to read since the white kind of blends in with the sunlight poking through the clouds.


No worries. lol


I really like he border details on the cover, and the image of the circus at the bottom. However, I’m not sure if I would read it. I might read it if I’m just bored and need something to read.


The image is pretty blurry and the text is kinda glaring, plus the image and title say romance to me, so I’d have to decline.



This looks awesome! It is a nice cover image and nice font. It looks like a scifi or an astronaunt story or both. It’s not really my genre so I don’t know if I would read, but I’m sure a lot of people who are into that genre would read because even I know that’s a great cover.



I really love it, the simplistic design helps draw attention to the actual title hinting towards the story inside making you intrigued! It’s definitely something I would look at and maybe read.:blush:


I love the little subtitle/tag thing you have at the end of your book cover. I don’t really get much about the story content from the book cover…but that might just be me.
But would I check it out?
110% Yes. It’s too pretty and dare I say, simple…to not check out.

PS. I like simplistic covers.
So that’s that.
Here’s mine.


8/10 While I like it, there’s not really much that I can draw out of the cover that might hint at what the story is about. Perhaps you would want this, to try and act on curiosity, but perhaps a monochrome picture behind the text might add to it.

It’s something I may well check out in the future, though.


5/10. I probably wouldn’t read it as it doesn’t look or sound like my type of story. The cover itself has a nice colour theme of red, but it just merely looks like text slapped on a slightly edited picture. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings this is just my opinion :sweat_smile:



6/10 I would probably not read because it looks like a story that isn’t for me. However I like the colors of the cover.



4/10 Sorry, I would not read it. The photo looks faded and poorly cut; it’s not a very aesthetically pleasing shot. You have three different fonts in two different colours, and neither of them look particularly good with the colour of the background image. The red especially is a bit of an eyesore.

Your title isn’t bad, though. If I was into romance, I’d probably at least flip it over to see if the summary looks promising.



7.5/10 Yep! I would read that! Interesting title and the cover nicely links to it. I especially like how you didn’t over do it on the cover :]

Title: Count The Wild Native Colours


It seems like a historical story so I probably wouldn’t read it because of that but basing it on colour’s it’s really pretty. Sorry, the title doesn’t seem to give away any indication on what the stories about.