Would you read it? Cover + Title


6/10 I like the image, and the title would interest me. However, you have a lot of empty space on top, and the title doesn’t contrast well with the photo. I would try to fill up some of the empty space as well as pick a different font color that will be easier to read.


I appreciate the subtle hand grenade. Completely missed that on my first pass. And I’m just popping back to say 9.5/10 because on your cover I just went to your profile to check it out and realized you hadn’t published it yet! I am definitely intrigued.

I’ve posted already; next person rate Keeper_Of_Souls


Oh thank you! Yes, I’m supposed to be posting it in the next few days! I’m waiting to get a new cover done since I changed the books name :]


First off, I’m not into romance, so it’s not really my genre. Your cover definitely screams romance, especially the fairy-tale kind, but it seems very generic. The title’s not that intriguing and the cover image also doesn’t seem very unique.


Love the cover. Seems magical and circuses are awesome. However, the title doesn’t really fit with the cover. I get two different images from the cover and the title. But I would still check it out

The Vance Girl


The cover looks really interesting! I’d probably check it out.



Probably, I’d most likely read the summary first.

Here’s mine :


Hmm… maybe. I like the title, but the cover doesn’t really tell me about the plot or anything. It looks like a contemporary, which I love, so I’d probably give the blurb and/or the first chapter a read.

The Bug Whisperer


I’d probably check it out. I like the kind of muted colour scheme, and both the title and the cover look fairly intriguing.



I love the title, and the color scheme! It seems very intriguing, so I’d defiantly check it out.

What He Stole



Not really. The title font is a little hard to read and the cover doesn’t pique my interest. It looks pretty poorly put together. I like how you tried to contrast the black and white, though, that kind of a stark contrast is very eye catching if done properly.

The Song of Sqia’lon Seven
(Not my original title, it’s a title prompt from the December Sci-Fi contests)


(Tell me if the font is too fuzzy, I’m working to try and make it clear at a larger size)


The cover looks really good :slight_smile: The font is simple, but I had a harder time to read “Sqia’lon”. I thought it’s “Soia’lon” :sweat_smile: The reflection is nice and captivating detail. It’s great “The” and “Of” are smaller, it makes the eyes focus only on the important words.

I can say, while this may not be my preferred genre (apocalyptic/dystopia, right?), I would definitely check the blurb as this Cover looks pro-made :smiley:


Cover by: Khushi


The moment I saw the cover I would pick it up and skim through the first chapter. It’s simple but it gets to the point of the idea of the book.

P.S I feel like I read your book before

The Story of Evelyn


No, not really. I don’t read romance, and it certainly looks like one, so it’s a no from me.



I would check it out because it reminds me of Counterstrike uwu


Thank you so much :slight_smile: I like your cover too, simple but quite captivating :heart:


I absolutely adore this cover as it gives me vibes of winter which is a season that I love so much! So based on this, I would read this.



I would certainly pick up the book above to see if it was worth a read :smile:

My book’s title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess



Probably, I’d most likely read the summary first.

Here’s mine :



Sorry but no, it looks like a teen fiction which is not my preferred genre.