Would you read it? Cover + Title


I would pick up your book to see what it’s about, your cover looks great! Here’s mine:



Not really into fan fiction, but I’d probably read it The picture on the cover is really intriguing. Love the artwork of it.

The Element of Life



Possibly not. But it makes me want to at least have a quick glance at the summary. But that’s only because the genre it seems to fall under isn’t one i read.

Judith and the City of Monsters


I would probably take a look at the summary. The “of monsters” part can go in many different directions including fantasy and horror and mystery and…so yeah, I’d peek at the blurb :wink:

The Facade of Quad in Nimrod



I would most likely read the blurb first since the title and cover don’t give much away, and also because I never judge a book by it’s cover :smirk::wink:

Let it Burn



After taking a look at the quote, I think I’ll give it a try. The “romantic and platonic” part sounds very interesting. And also, I think the cover and quote matches perfectly. Great work!

Here’s mine:


Believing in You

Just a reminder, this story isn’t published yet. I’m still working on it.


The cover is extremely simple and does not tell me anything about the story. I would recommending changing it, so that the cover has something to do with the subtitle.So therefore, I would not read it.



That cover is so good! Though if I could give you any advice, I’d try to make the words less transparent to make it easier to read. But yes, it so artsy and beautiful, I’d read it!



i love this! very creative c:




I’d read.



I’m not sure if it’s a cover, but I don’t think I’ll read it. It’s a bit too simple for the genre I think it is (Sci-Fi) though the picture you chose is very good. It’s also missing the name of the author (don’t be shy!) and overall just doesn’t grab attention, sorry. But the title too is very good!


All The Things We Lost


Based on the title alone I would read the book, however I have no clue what the cover tells us about the story, so based on the combination of the two, possibly not.



I would definitely read the blurb and probably try reading at least the first chapter. I really love the quality of the cover including the layering of the text and the combination of the two images. It’s really unique and eye-catching, especially with the colour scheme it has going on. To me the cover looks professional! The tittle is also intriguing enough to make me read the description.



sorry i most likely wouldn’t. the text, title, and image are a little simple in my opinion.redamancy


I would read that. I want to know what they’re a believer of.



I don’t think I’d read it, sorry. There’s no image on the cover and the font is pretty generic, so there’s nothing that hints about the plot or draws me in.


I really like the mystical, magical feel that your cover has, and I really appreciate the addition of the constellation. The title is also intriguing. While I would also like to read the summary, I do that with most books, and this cover has dazzled me enough to read it even if it wasn’t necessarily what I would normally read.


I love your cover! :smile:


I’d check out the summary for sure!