Would you read it? Cover + Title


@sarakbeeksma What a beautiful cover! Did you draw it? The title intrigues me because the second “i” is a 1. I’d check out the blurb :wink:

(this isn’t even a book yet, but I wanted to see if it will make people interested)

yes, I was inspired by @Mishconstrued The white text on the flame background, I really like the idea :smile:



It’s not my artwork, but thank you very much :slight_smile:


I really love your title, and the cover too! The only feedback I could give is to add shadow behind the words to make it seem more layered/3D, but it’s fine without that too :slight_smile: Beautiful!



I’d defenitely read it! It’s so well formatted and the image is very clear. However, maybe I’d separate the title a bit more.

Title: On The Twelfth Soul



Shadow! I’ll try that and see how it looks, thanks :slight_smile: I felt like something was missing.


This looks really intriguing. The title is a little harder to read at the bottom but I’d check this out, the summary is not the first chapter for sure. Looks really intriguing!

Title: Insomnia


I’d read it. I love the artwork of the cover. Did you draw that?



I did not, but I did design the rest :slight_smile:


It’s really cool!


It’s not my genre, but I think just based on the title and subtitle, it sounds like a cool story. maybe even in the murder/mystery genre. It sounds intriguing.
However, it’s a little confusing when the first three words are ‘rules and guidelines’. Of course, the rest of title clears that up, but perhaps choosing different words to make it sound more dynamic would be better?
The main problem I have with the cover are the font styles used. i can barely read the sub title and the effect of three different fonts used on the title isn’t the best in my opinion. the background could also be a better image, perhaps one more red than brown, with a higher saturation and contrast? The composition is also a little too much to the left side.

(I realize the copyright is still there, but then the background is not my image DX)


Yes I would. The cover of the book is an eye catcher.



I love LOVE the cover, it’s something that really reminds me of things I’ve seen in bookstores. However, the title doesn’t really tell me much about the story. I’m guessing it’s a mystery/thriller book (because of the subtitle), but more than that I wouldn’t know.


All The Things We Lost


Yeah, you replied correctly. Its a mystery/thriller. The title was deliberate cos I didn’t want to sound cliché,


I’m having contradicting feelings with your cover and title, because I feel that one does not relate much to the other. I see the girl is somewhat showing a feeling of loss…? Maybe, but it’s more like she’s too much modeling, not showing enough emotion. Maybe I would click at it for the title, but not necessarily for the cover. Hope I’m not sounding too mean.

Here’s my cover and title.



I like this one much better!!!


I like your cover. It’s simple, which is always cool. But the way the title is seems kind of jarring. Your title makes your story seem like it’s contemporary, which, if I was in the mood for it, I would read.




The artwork is pretty and I really like the idea that the cover is a playing card. Personally it’s quite sparse for me, and the font is not particularly strong so it would not grip my attention. However, the way the name ties in with the cover (playing cards) might get me to have a look at the blurb :slight_smile:



the cover makes it look like a cool indie novel about a girl on a road trip, so i’d definitely give the first chapter a read! bat club sounds intriguing and i’d wanna know what it was about!



the cover is beautiful. Just by the cover I’d check your book. Love scenario lets me know it is a romantic book, which calls even more my attention. Overall it’s a great cover and I would give the book a shot for sure.



Nope. Looks too much like a coming of age or slice of life story, which I’m not a big fan of.