Would you read it? Cover + Title


Probably wouldn’t read it but I like how simple the cover is.



@Writerthoughtss Not really… The first part of the title is really hard to see and hard to read. If the title is hard to read, I tend to not even bother. Maybe put a little shadowing below the first part of the title?

(this isn’t even a book yet, well, I’m working on it. Just want to see people’s interests.)



Thank you


Inherited Flames - Cover doesn’t tell me a lot about the book. I’m not entirely sure what genre it even is. Probably wouldn’t catch my eye.

My book is Spliced. Here’s the cover!


The cover seems intriguing, gives me slight sci fi vibes. The title is interesting too. It would probably grab my attention enough to at least read the blurb. I like it :grinning:

Here is my book: Defenders of Midgard
Genre: Fantasy

I haven’t published it yet, not sure if I like the name or cover. It’s my first book cover I’ve made and I’m pretty new to Wattpad, so constructive criticism is appreciated. :sunglasses:


Although the name does give a certein fantasy vibe to the story, it sounds a bit cliché in my opinion. The cover itself is to packed and confusing (although it may be because of the size of the pic) and also a bit gray and lifeless. Unless this is what you aim your story to be, i’d recommend you to change the cover to be a bit more colorful

My story is Conquest


I’d definitely give it a look. Looks fantasy, and the cover is simple enough but I’m wondering where this guy is, what his relation to the story is, and what side he’s on. I’m assuming war is involved from the cover. Also, nice title, I like how hazy it looks in the rain. I’d lower the author name just a bit, though, and either put both names on the same line or move it around a bit. It’s bugging me that it’s off center (not a big issue, just me being picky)



I can’t for the life of me work out what the title is, but it looks nice anyway. Yes, I think I would read it. I like how simple it is, and the colours make for good contrast.


Oh, it’s Insomnia, sorry. I was a little worried that might be confusing.


8/10 I don’t know if I’d read it but I like how simple it is.


I’m not sure what it’s about, or what genre it is, judging on the cover. Not sure I’d pick it up, even if it’s nicely put together based solely on the lack of contextual information.

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i would probably click for the title cause it’s pretty interesting; the cover’s simple & clear, but just not aesthetic to me- you can try the multimedia club where people make covers for you, if you’re keen :emmab:

title: elowen’s yellow cloth
(cover not by me)


I’m not a big fan of clutter/aesthetic XD Always ascribed to ‘less is more’. But thanks :slight_smile:


The title does make me want to read it, but not so much the cover. Kind of looks like a virtual reality type thing but maybe its just my personal preference.

Title : The Vickers


Your cover definitely packs a punch in it. I’d definitely be curious enough to spare a glance though. Not too sure what ‘The Vickers’ means. A person perhaps? I might choose a different sort of font for the title though just so it can blend a bit more with the image. Aside from that, it’s worth a second glance :relaxed:

Here’s mine: Falling In Harmony



Looks like a romance of some sort so I’m afraid I wouldn’t harbor any interest in the story bu your cover looks nice and clean. I would suggest making the front font white rather than grey, but that’s it.




Doesn’t really look like my kind of book, so probably not, but also maybe because I’m open-minded. Overall, I’ll say maybe but probably not.

Whatever Nevermind



Yes, it seems like the type of book I’d binge and finish in an evening, lol. The cover is hard to read though, so it would put me off if I didn’t see the title beforehand.

Crows Among Doves (Crows Among Doves series)


It’s a very interesting and beautiful cover although the “A must read” is a little off putting for me personally but that’s just me. It doesn’t look like my type of story but I normally base it more of the blurb than the cover but I am sure it’s a wonderful story anyways.

An Open Heart and A Thousand Stories


8/10 I don’t know if I’d read it but I like how simple it is.