Would you read it? Cover + Title


8/10 doesn’t look like my genre so I wouldn’t really read it, but the cover is mostly simple and clean. Title is hard to read, though, as the first first blends into the background.




You’re a verrry talented artist, woah! I don’t think I’d read based on the title alone, but the art has blown me away. Is it a comic? :smiley:
Linked Fates (Co-authored by Cassandra Hales)


The art isn’t mine. I did the title and the background wording, along with editing, but the art doesn’t belong to me. I don’t know the artist, I found it off a youtube song honestly (which inspired the book)

I WISH I could draw like that :sweat_smile:


Ohhh I see! Well it’s a kickass cover!


Thank you!


The title doesn’t blend very well with the cover which makes it distracting. I probably wouldn’t read it.



This is really nice! The title really pops on the black. I’d definitely check it out, I can’t really tell what it’s about immediately but that makes me interested!


I need to add my name onto it, i forgot about it the first time lol plus I was unsure where it would look best, any thoughts on that? also thoughts on the title, i feel like the font might be a little dark/too thin?


DAMN. I’m in love with it. I had to scroll back a couple of times to really get the full picture and enjoy it. It’s worth a read forsure!



I’d say no…There’s no capitalization in the line at the top and the cover looks busy and confusing. The background is distracting and it took me a while to figure out what it was, plus the title doesn’t blend very well.



Hey everyone! I’m sort of lost here. Can somebody guide me on how to rate these covers? I mean, all the covers are already rated, so which ones do I rate?


You rate the most recent cover (and title) (in this case sarakbeeksma’s) by telling whether you’d read the story or not. Then you can post your cover!


I’d say no… I’m not sure what the title is and the cover is overall just not eye catching for me (and I’ve heard that drawings on covers are overall just not appealing to others). I’m sorry :slight_smile:


(That’s alright, it’s not for everyone, I understand :slight_smile: )

Apologies, but the cover doesn’t appeal to me. Looks really blurry and grainy and just doesn’t hook my interest. The title is just a name, so that doesn’t hook me either. I like how you faded the title in, though.




I wouldn’t read your story simply based on the cover. It’s a 10/10 cover, but I’m just not into adventure/action type of stories.



That’s fine, I completely understand. Thank you :slight_smile:


I like the creativity of the cover. The whole red arrangement on the black background is mind blowing. What can come as a deal breaker here is the mortal eyes on the statue. They’re awesome, but if I would have made the cover, I would considered expanding the little black box containing mortal eyes to both the ends of the picture. Also, the grey shading in the small box is making it slightly weird. But that’s just my opinion. Overall, I would like to read your book now.


Personally, I don’t think the title complements the cover.

It might be more effective if, instead of the medusa, you had the head of a red wolf whose eyes are covered by the woman’s eyes. Or there could simply be a title change.

Atm I would rate it a 5-6 out of 10.

My cover ----



I really like the cover, and I actually enjoy the title. It seems very interesting and dark, and I would totally read that.

Beauty of a Crimson Soul


I like the way your cover stands out. When I first look at it, it almost seems really dark but I like the contrast the rose gives it with the white lettering and has a cool vibe to it. I would definitely pick it up and read at least the first chapter.

Title: Just For You


I like the simplicity of the cover and the blending, but unfortunately I wouldn’t read it because it looks like a werewolf story and I’m not into that. Also, the title seems a bit dull, as in it doesn’t instantly catch my attention.

Title: Judith and the City of Monsters