Would you read it? Cover + Title


I love it and have absolutely no feedback to give you unfortunately. If I saw this on a shelf, I would 100% pick it up to see what it was about.

Title: Otherworldly


What an amazing cover! The vibes, the mystery, and the girl stealing all the attention… And the font is PERFECT for it. If I was into fantasy - which I’m not, I’m really sorry - I’d start reading it right now. The only feedback I could give on this cover is too make the color of the words perhaps a little lighter to make them stand out more, but it’s not like it’s that big of a deal - the words are very much readable. But yes, I would read it!!


It looks very mysterious for sure, not too sure what genre it is, but would certainly press on it to find out to see if it’s the kind of thing I would be interested in reading. Although, it is a little to dark in places which is a little distracting. It is a nice cover, and would certainly investigate reading it :slight_smile:


The cover itself works together as a whole. The font is easy to read and feels it matches the mood the cover gives off. The colors work together and I actually like the texture look of the sharp shapes overlay. I’m personally not into anime stuff like this so I probably wouldn’t read it, but that’s just me.



The title is a work in progress. It was really just a quick thing that came to mind for it. I’m planning on maybe changing it later.
Thank you very much for the feedback. :blush:


I’d definitely at least check it out if its horror/thriller. It gives me a psychopath/ cannibal vibe and I love reading stories of that sort (and prepare for several sleepless nights :joy:). So yes, in my opinion, I would check it out XD.


It’s a vampire romance, but it has violence. It’s dark. :joy: thanks though.


Haha, oops, makes sense though in retrospect XD.


You’re fine. :blush:


Seriously?! I’m stuck here again. Whose cover do I review now?


It’s always the most recent cover :slight_smile: So this time, it’s the one by draphy (though always check if there’s not a new cover posted after).


It looks pretty interesting and looks like a fantasy book cover which I never read so I probably wouldn’t read it.

somebody to you


Yup, it’s fantasy :grin:!


I love both that title and that cover, I’d definitely give it a look!




7\10 Very simple, I like it and would probably read it.



Oooh I like the cover! The title is really intriguing, especially since ivory and black are contradictory. I’d be interested enough to check out the summary. :blush:

The Control Series: Citizen.



that’s far too reminescent of ‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard. So, nope


I really like the look of this! It looks like a YA Sci-Fi, which is totally my guilty pleasure. The cover is so well-done itself, too - it doesn’t look too busy, which is definitely a risk with that kind of manip, and the colour palette looks great. I’d definitely pick it up to check the blurb at the very least!


I love the cover - it is beautiful. Although poetry isn’t my main thing, if the type of poems were to my taste I would give it a go :slight_smile:

Coltar the prophecy (Book 1 of the coltar series)


It’s interesting, but a little crowded. It does gives me a 80-90s anime vibe, which I like. Unfortunately, I’m not too much into that type of reading, so I wouldn’t read it. Just an observation, the title and words in general get lost in the drawing. Maybe make it more simple or increase the fint size or brighten the color. 7/10