Would you read it? Cover + Title


I’m afraid not. Your cover looks well put together, but tells me the story is not my type at all.



8/10 I love your cover, it is very fantasy like. Based on the cover I would read the story but I am not sure If I would read the story based on the title!



8/10 Love the cover. The picture is great… I’m not a huge fan of the text font (but that’s just me.)
The title is straight to the point, and you get a hint of what the book is about which I love. If I was into fantasy novels, I would definitely give it a read.

Here’s mine.


(I know the cover says waiting, I need to make changes there.)


8/10 for the cover. I love the picture. I have this term, ‘messy heads’, that I use for people who are ruled by their emotions. I think this image, crossed with your title and sub, may indicate that your book contains a ‘messy head’ character type / story line. If I was in the mood for an emotional drama / romance, I’d click on, and perhaps read your book.

Here’s mine. Its called Beyond the Gate. This is a working title because I wanted to ‘get it out there’.


I like the cover, but the title doesn´t really call my attention.


Ooh - I love your cover and title. It reminds me of the white-and-red cover of Everless, a book I loved!


@sarakbeeksma I love the first cover, and for me, the title works. Seems intriguing!


@hauntedphonesex I absolutely love this cover, the subtitle, the title… Great job!


Thank you so much!


Thank you!




8/10 I like it, it instantly made me think of don’t mind by Usher. Probably would check out the summary to see what it’s about.



Hey! I love your cover. The photo on it is intirguing(?) and makes me want to know what happens to this girls but I feel like your title would be better without the word ‘away’ so it would just me As We Fade I think that would work better. But that is just my opinion. I would definitely read your story.


This cover is absolutely gorgeous! I would definitely read it. I love the title and how you decided to write the author in pink as well as the other text. I would be interested in know what this is about.


I would most definitely read this, I love the title and the cover is beautiful! Good work.


The book is on my new channel now :slight_smile:


I like the simplistic picture, but the placing of the title and choice of the font seems a bit strange to me. I also don’t know much about the story. It’s giving me poetry vibes, although it could be a novel about a black girl too? Because of the confusion, I don’t think I would read it.


All The Things We Lost


I love the font. Not a fan of the written by part, but it’s romantic and I would instantly pick it up for the fact I’m a hopeless romantic. I think you should remove who created the cover and just put them in the credits instead. There’s just too many words on the cover for me. The title is beautiful, its so creative!



@Writers_roulette let me just say that I love this cover design coupled with the font this instantly captures my attention . However the font at the bottom is hard to read only because some of the lettering blends in with the pants.
Letters to Mars


thank you. agree. ive had a hard time finding good font that blends in and doesn’t give attention but its readable.