Would you read it? Cover + Title


Well hello again!
The cover is very pleasing to the eye, I especially like how the title font ties into the rest of the theme. I know that I’d certainly be interested in looking at the summary just by seeing the cover.




Wow. This looks really cool! A suggestion that I have is change the font maybe? It just seems pretty bland and I think you could find something that is more eye-catching.

Title: Walking Shadows


Ooo nice! I really like this cover! Its different from the usual style but still interesting! The colours and picture go really well. I would read it c:

TITLE: Judith and the City of Monsters


I really like the cover and its simplicity! I am a bit confused though, since the vibe of the cover doesn’t seem to match the title… Is it Teenfiction or Fantasy?


Redefining Women


Its a fantasy but on the lighter side? c:


I love the cover a ton! I’d definitely read it if I was into that kind of stuff, but I like super romancey stuff and fantasy. I absolutely love how colorful it is!

Here’s Mine:

Title: Sky Full of Stars


I like it, it goes well with the title. I’d probably read it since it looks like a teen romance.



I love the asthetic, but the image is a bit blurry. It looks like a contemporary novel, so I’d defiantly check it out.


The title is very fitting and attention getting. However, the font and the alignment of the words is a bit hard to read. I’d suggest changing the font, maybe something like Times New Roman, and aligning it so that it’s on the cover instead of going off the cover. I’m not into the kind of story this looks like, (crime thriller, rape, and angst) but if I was I would definately read it.




Let me know if you want more feedback on your cover!:heart:


I’n a little confused with your cover. Although, I’m also a little intrigued. It looks like a chalk board with some drawings. I’m assuming the story is about school. It’s different enough to work. I’d probably read it.



I have just reviewed your cover in the other thread so I’ll focus on some other points :joy: I think the title is really interesting and is open to a lot of interpretation and questions. It is all really eye-catching so yes, I probably would read it.

Here is mine:



Title: The Super Chronicles: Byong Ki-soo


5/10. The picture is really nice and good quality, but I wouldn’t really call it a cover. I think you could add a title somewhere which would really help.

here is mine:


IDK why, just not getting s vibe


8/10 I like it, Definately would read it from first impressions. It feels dark and gloomy but the title has this hopeful feel.



8/10 it looks really cool I just don’t think it’s something that I would read but others would for sure!

Mine: Walking Shadows


7/10 The cover is well made, but it doesn’t really say anything about the story. The fonts are rather bland, but other than all that it is a well made cover! (I might be a little biased though, as it really doesn’t look like my type of book (adventure, fantasy, or mystery) so the point value could be a point or so higher from someone else)

Here’s mine:
Series Title: Voidcrypt
Book Title: A Soul of Darkness and Light