Would you read it? Cover + Title


It looks cool the way it was made but If I was scrolling down a list of potential stories I wouldn’t read it. I’m sure that If I looked at the blurb I may think differently.

Title: The Town


@WintRose I’m afraid I wouldn’t read it because it doesn’t really fit into the genre I would read, but if I was more interested in young adult novels I probably would give it a go.



That is a beautiful cover… Which font you used and what softwares you used for editing this? It’s made really attractive. Good luck for your story.


I think I would probably click on this to read the blurb! The title is intriguing.

title: vendetta



Hmm… Maybe. I really like the title Vandetta, it’s intresting. But the cover, while amazing, doesn’t really tell me or give any vibe about the plot or genre. It’d depend on the summary/blurb - though the editing, fonts, and color scheme are amazing.

Title: In The Public Eye


I would probably look at your book, at the very least read the description. Though I would suggest you don’t have the words so separated.



i don’t think i’d read it, mostly because it looks like romance.

slow hands



The cover is really pretty! I think I’d read it, though I can imagine that the words on the cover would be hard to read on WP because they are really small. But really, good work! I’d check it out :slight_smile:




Probably. I would definitely check out the blurb. The cover and title have a nice vibe to it making me think of travel, romance and adventure!

Title: Gossip Of The Dead


Hmm. It looks like it’s meant to be a comedy book. Very cartoonish. Not really my style, but the cover was well done and maybe I would read it if the blurb is good and interesting.

Title: Be A Voice, Not An Echo
(It’s a short story collection)

Be%20A%20Voice%2C _


I’m sorry, but I don’t think so… It’s a little too much words for me that it reaches the point where there is too much going on while still being too simple. I think it’d help if the subtitle was a little smaller


Words In Pink


Maybe. I think it’s mostly because of the title. It’s too similar to ‘Words In Deep Blue’ by Cath Crowley. It’s a very obscure book, so this won’t be a problem to most people, but to me it is. Still, the photo and text is very nice.

Title: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue



Beautiful cover! i’d defintely check it out.





I would probaly check it out, the body sketch is intriguing. And I’m a sucker for minimalistic covers, this would probably be in my library before I even checked out what it was about.


This might sound silly, but honestly I cannot tell whether it is ‘White Teeth’ or ‘White Jeeth’. Since I have a drop of common sense, I’m going with the former.

The cover was really well done, I like the photo. The subtitle’s cool too. The title’s unique too. Overall really nice, but you might want to make the author mark a bit bigger.

Title: Splatters Of Paint



The title is intriguing and so are the quotes below it. The grey background with the whole split image thing isn’t too aesthetically pleasing, but I suppose it does the job.

The girl who cried salt


I like the title and how intriguing it is,I would probably read it based off the tile. The cover however I find a bit confusing. I would probably give it a read to find out more.


Fallen Angels



it sounds like a badboy romance, which isn’t really my type, but I can imagine the cover being appealing to people who do like that genre, since it’s made really good and I love the font of “angels”



I would definitely read it. I love the cover, it’s really pretty. The title is fine too.
Title: Seventeen