Would you read it? Cover + Title


Ehh. I’m sorry, but the title doesn’t appeal to me. It’s still really great though.

Title: Death’s Edge


Tbh it doesn’t really grab my attention, but that’s a good picture you picked to match the title.

The Town


I probably wouldn’t read it simply because there’s a bit much going onin hte cover. But besides the cover, I might check out the blurb purely because the title sounds interesting to me.


Is the story about astronauts? I’m not sure if I like the cover as much, because I really had to ‘look for’ the title, it wasn’t as easy to find if you get what I mean. The title however is really good!


Post It Pink


The cover is honestly very pretty and aesthetically pleasing. “Post it Pink” is a bit confusing, as it doesn’t tell me much about the story but I’d check it out based on the pretty cover.




The cover is really pretty, and intriguing. I would probaly read it. and the way red riding hood is incorporated tells me that it’s probably about the fairy tales with a twist to them.


It’s pretty simple. The cover wouldn’t sell me to read, but I would look at the summary and decide from there.



That cover is gorgeous!! I’d surely check it out :slight_smile:


Post It Pink


Your cover is a bit too simple. I lot of space is taken by the grass, so that feels like an empty space. The title seems to end up too small on the thumbnail on WP. I would put it on two lines with “pink” having thicker (more visible) and larger font. “Post it” can be smaller since I think the Pink is the most important aspect in the story. I would also start with a capital letter or have all capital ones.

From the cover, I can tell it’s teen-fiction which is a genre I don’t prefer, so I wouldn’t read/check it. However, your title has a sense of originality, and it’s something I haven’t seen on WP yet :wink:

I have changed my cover a bit, so I wonder if the changes improved it a bit :wink:



I can see people who are into that genre deciding to read it, I probably wouldn’t becuase I don’t read Sonic (that is who that is, right? Sorry, I don’t really watch cartoons.) But other than thatthe cover looks really well made, even if there is a bit much going on


It’s really hard to read the title actually (it’s metathesiophobia, right?) which is kind of a shame, because I think your title can be really intriguing, since probably not many people know what it is (at least, I don’t). With a different cover it could be so much better! But for now, no sorry


Post It Pink


Yes! I love the different fonts of the title and how simple it is while still being successful in conveying the genre! It looks fantastic!

Ivy Tendrils

Edit: Just realized how big my name came out! Will definitely be editing it to make it smaller so it doesn’t take away from the title!


Thank you, this story is completely open FF, so no fandom knowledge is required :slight_smile:


Ok, so this looks like a horror or thriller right? I wouldn’t like this type of genre, but the cover looks really good! I would read it if it wasn’t as frightening, so kudos on the impressive and unique cover and title!


Everywhere I Go with Summer


It’s actually a fantasy theme! I’m personally not very privy to horror myself! Thank you so much for the critique though! :heart:


Oh, well you’re welcome! Now that you say that it is a fantasy book, I totally want to read it now!


I would try reading it (I’m not very fond of books regarding illnesses since reading about them cause a bit of anxiety but seems interesting anyway)



Beautiful cover and the title is very unique & intriguing! 10/10 would check out the blurb


Ooh i’m not sure if i’d read it (would depend on the blurb) but i’d definitely check it out from the cover - the clouds work really well with the simplicity of the rest of the design c: also the subtitle’s interesting

The Boy Who Cried Wolf