Would you read it? Cover + Title


Thank you very much :grin::heart:


I think this is a really clean, evocative cover with some definite thriller/mystery vibes. The title - with the children’s fable juxtaposed against what is presumably a darker story - reminds me a little of the Alex Cross novels, like Along Came a Spider. The image of the red woods really works well with the boldness of the title treatment. The simplicity and professionalism of it would get me to stop scrolling and check out the blurb, and if it’s as effective as the cover, the book itself.

Here’s mine, which could almost be part of the same series…


Yes, I would definitely take a look. The writing catches your eye and draws you in to see the little face drawn in the tunnel. It appears to a mystery or police procedural type story, both of which I read.

This is mine.

Lost and Found.


I would definitely read your book, it has the vibe of the book thief. A heart full to overflowing read i’m assuming.

Profound Effect



Is it a teenfic/romance? I’d check it out for sure! I love the cover, really clean and nice :slight_smile:



This looks like a teen fiction? Not really my biggest cup of tea (mainly because long over it), however, depending on the summary I may take a peek and see how it goes. As far as the cover goes, I think it doesn’t quite sell the story. It’s nice. The yellow is certainly eye-catching and will lure people to take a further look.


Is this a superhero kind of book? I just looked at the book’s sticker and automatically thought of superhero genre. It’s not really my kind of genre for reading, but this book cover and title look and sound intriguing! There is a slight problem though… The book cover is really fantastic, but it’s a bit too much on/for my eyes… I mean it’s really vivid and such but it really is too much and a bit scattered in the book cover’s photo(s). However, still kudos on a fantastic book cover and title!

A One Night Phone Call (Draft Idea)
This book is currently just a draft for after I complete my first book, but just want a review of it?


I like the title of the book but don’t love it. It reminds me to much of the phrase of a one night stand. The font-size for the title is a good size. Though I think the author name and also break line are distracting from the tag line. I would possibly take a look at the blurb because of the tagline. I do love the blue color scheme. Great choice.


No. I’m sorry, but it looks too much like a cliche vampire story. This is really just a personal preference, since I don’t like reading vampire stories. Other than that I love the cover, even though the title might be a bit too lengthy.

Title: Artificials



Okay thanks for pointing that out. I guess I have to make a new cover because it has nothing to do with vampires.


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Thanks for the review! I’ll try fixing it up with your review sometime later!


I hope I helped. There are great ideas in the and things definitely keep for your cover. Again color scheme amazing. Title font size is good. Then the tagline is catching. Take some of my criticism with a grain of salt. In the end you need to be satified.


@shadowsettle - based on the title I can imagine that the story is something to do with science fiction which is a genre that I don’t read. However, the title isn’t the only thing turning me off from the novel. The cover tells me nothing about what is going to happen in the story and is basically just a night sky. So therefore I would not read it. (You can find professional covers in the MDC club)

TITLE: Castle of Wings



Thanks for the tip! :hearts:




And, hey, I don’t any other cover to offer, but for your cover I’d recommend a less saturated/bright green. Other than that it’s awesome!


Thank you so much for the suggestion, I really like how bright the green is as the majority of my covers are dark colour schemes.


No prob :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’d probably read it. It looks interesting, has a nice fantasy flair. I like it :slight_smile:

When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears