Would you read it? Cover + Title


I would give it a go since it looks like it’s fantasy, and I love fantasy (Maybe i’m wrong but idk haha)
I like the cover, it’s nice


I really like the little quote on the top, quite quirky and would make me curious to know ‘Why being isn’t seventeen nice?’ I also like the ‘greyness’ of the cover, I’m sure it matches with the somber tone of the book.


Title: Drop


I like the cover and its simplicity. The colour scheme is very warm and inviting. I would probably click on it and check it out!
Here is mine:


I really enjoy your title and cover, however I feel it does blend into the background a bit. Some embossing or a drop shadow will help it pop more.

Inhuman: A Collection of Stories



I feel like the book is warm and friendly so I hope you going for that type of theme. Because if this was meant for a more dark or grim story then it would be a bit confusing.

Title: The Entanglement


daaaaaaaang that image is incredible! I think the image would make me click on it, but the text is pretty difficult to read. Blues might work better, to contrast with the red - I like the title, though! It does make me wonder - what kind of entanglement? There are a lot of things that could be referring to, and it’s very intriguing!

Call of the Raven


It’s nice and simple, but not really my taste. I probably wouldn’t check it out because I can’t really tell what kind of story it is judging by the cover and title. I might check out the blurb if I’m feeling like exploring new things but otherwise, it should be a bit more specific.


When He Cries


That’s such an amazing cover! I’m not sure what genre it would belong to (teen fiction/romance?) but for the cover and title alone I would still check it out :slight_smile:


Post It Pink


Ah, this story. Since I know what it’s about, I’d say yes. But the cover is amazing! I love the image and the text and everything.

Title: Artificials
(Do you think the white frame thing is displeasing?)



Probably not because it looks like a story about artificial humas or something like that. I’m more into romance or psychological stories. Anyway, nice cover! It’s very clean.


Oh! Thanks. And I recommend you use an author mark on your cover. Other than that it’s simple and nice. Good job.


I would most likely not read that book, because it looks kinda like a romance sort of novel. Romance novels aren’t really my thing. :confused: The name of the story does sound pretty good, though! I wish you well in all of your writing. :slight_smile:



That looks really cool! The picture looks a bit blurry, but it gives off a creepy atmosphere just fine. If that wasn’t your intention, that you might want to change it. Other than that I would read it.

Title: Artificials



I recommend making the tagline and author name a little smaller. To me it takes away from the title of the story. I like the title. The font goes excellent with the title.Other than the one recommendation it is an overall good title and cover.

Title: Conform


I don’t mean to argue, but are you sure? The Wattpad covers when you’re scrolling through are quite small. But I think I’ll still make it a little smaller. Thanks!

Two more things:

Do you think I’m good enough at cover-making to open a shop? Honest answer. If my covers suck, tell me.

I love your cover. The green tint, the text, the font - everything is great. My only advice is to make the author’s name a bit bigger, because reasons that I mentioned before. Thanks!

Edit: Wow you’ve been ‘replying’ for like the last ten minutes so either you’re messing with me or that is one long comment lol


Sorry for the late reply. I been having issues with my health and it interrupted my typing.

Well when you make that point I think the tagline font size should be made smaller since it is so close to the title. Doesn’t have to be adjusted a lot. I guess the author name can stay the same.

First you don’t suck at making covers. You got the basic fundamentals down and an eye for the font-type. Also for about a cover shop it depends what type of covers you will be doing. If you will be doing minimal covers I suggest mentioning that first. To me you cover would categorize as minimal so I think you can do that. In my opinion and experience I say as a tip watch if you do a border because sometimes it can appear to work but at the same time appear not to. I also recommend doing some test covers first and if you make a Wattpad book with examples. Great way to see if people like your stuff.

I must add it is always good to make a second cover with a different style so if you feel if something is off about it make changes too. If you want I can take a look before if you are unsure.

Also thank you for the compliment and tip.


Thank you! And sorry about your health issues. Good luck!


Hope what I said helped.


It really did. Thx again!


As for the cover itself, I only like the top half. It’s very intriguing, and looks to have skilled composition. The bottom half, to me, looks like a Twilight Saga cover. The fonts used, mostly.

As for the title, it’s interesting. I have no idea what kind of story this would be, but I would click on it and maybe read a chapter or two at the least, to see if it’s got a good hook.

Together, I rate the cover and title a solid 7/10

Here’s my cover. The title is “Lost in Hadong”