Would you read the story based on the title? Yes or no?

To play the game is simple: the person above will post the title of their story and the person below will answer either yes or no if they would read it or not. Let’s keep this game on a roll.

My Turn:

The Labyrinth of Drokhia.

Your book title sounds interesting as it is. Wonder why I am thinking of some kinda maze runner thing.

Well I have three books, so I’ll post the titles


Restoration: Dark Days

Restoration: The Great War

I’d check out the blurb for Restoration. I’m intrigued, restoration of what? Then depending on the blurb, I’d read your story. The rest sounds like the continuation of a series, so I’d probably read those after the first one.

My Stories

The Flames that Engulfed Us

The Sound of a Siren’s Call

I feel like those two books can be connected hmm…curious now…

Definitely would read The Sound of the Siren’s Call, and Flames sounds intriguing.

My stories are:

The Song of the Black Sea.

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They’re not lol

Well I’ll damned XD

I woulda wondered for sure if just went in blindly.

The three books I mentioned are all directly connected to each other.

I mention that now, since sometimes readers might be shocked to find out there is more to the story.

The Song of the Black Sea sound really cool to me! I love sea tales and myths so I would read it. And Inverted makes me extremely curious

My (not yet published) stories are:

Let Me Tell You A Story
Beyond Nature

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Just waiting for someone to say no :joy: Might as well share my one, it’s all I have worth reading at the moment.

The X-Event

I know it’s bad

The X-Event sounds like a taboo, futuristic, tragedy that like, destroyed the world. I would read it cuz it sounds like a sci-fi book.

Anyway, my story is: Eternity Through Sacrifice

I’d read the blurb.
I mean I’m about to actually if it’s posted on your wattpad. I need something to read so YEAH I’D READ IT ACTUALLY

I’m not sure what kind of book it’d be, maybe a drama? Guess I’l find out.
I like your title yeah.

My Dearest Wish

I’d check out the blurb. With a title like that it could be anything from romance to fantasy to horror to plain teen fiction so I’d look to see which it fell under.

I notice you were skipped so

Probably wouldn’t. It doesn’t catch my attention too much and sounds more like the first line of a story than a title.

I’d glance at the blurb.

Eternity’s Dime

I’d need to check out the cover to really make a judgement. My first thought was “immortal bank? immortals scamming the economy? father time investing in some money grabbing things?” And though that sounds fascinating, I’d doubt anyone else would come up with the same image. You do have me intrigued, however.

As for mine(well, the title I’m considering): The Cardinal Crossing

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The title doesn’t really capture my attention. I would have to say no.

The Devil’s Inferno: Blood and Sin


RIOT ACADEMY: Where Nerds are bullies

Yes, I would, it kinda sounds interesting and unique in its own way.

The Tag Bearer

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To be honest
I don’t know, sounds like a fun tag book though
Pretty fun and creative


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I wouldn’t know what it is about and it’s unique, so yes. I would be curious to know what your book is about.

My title: Wings - Teach me how to fly

That’s until you see the cover and discover it’s not a fun tag book…