Would you want to be friends with your MC? Why or why not?

I’m curious, because I realise that a lot of people base their protagonists on themselves, but I suppose the question applies whether you do or don’t!

So, would you want to be friends with your main character? Why or why not? Or what kind of friendship do you think you would have?

Personally, I think I’d want to be friends with my main character, Evangeline, but I’d secretly resent her for how easy her life seems.

I would with my main character Danielle because she’s shy, innocent and extremely caring and while writing you’re actually connected to these characters so why not…

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I like to think I would, but my MC is a half-daemon, which in his world makes everyone pretty prejudiced against him. I’d like to think I’d be able to see through it to the person he is, but I’ve got a horrible feeling I’d mistrust him like everyone else. . .

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I would like to be friends with my main character Ariel.
Her life is so interesting and being with her I would feel proud to have such a cool friend and learn a lot from her :heart_eyes:

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Yes! Because I have a lot in common with both of them. They’re groovy people.


I definitely should want to be friends with my MC considering it is a reader insert story! :joy:

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? What does that mean? Never heard that.

It means you are the main character ^^ You as in the reader! It’s a fun genre to read, since it makes stepping into the main character’s shoes very easy.

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I’d def want to be friends with Aoi. She’s a strong female lead who always strives to do what’s right and protect her friends no matter what however, like the other people in the story, I’d probably give a first impression judgment and be scared of her.

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Meri can be a tough nut to crack since she’s often lost in her thoughts. Plus, she can be bossy at time and have a straight-lace mindset.

But if I am friends with het, it would be a comfortable hour sitting quietly in a bench.

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I’d be friends with my MC Liz in her world because then I’d survive.

But my MC of another book, Marrow, I’d probably not want to be friends. She’s more likely to step over me than anything.

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So in ‘Harlem’ I would befriend myself with Harlow, although sometimes I think it’s hard to get to her, since in a way she has a strong will and head. I actually like her character a lot.

In comparison to that is an unpublished story (“Labyrinth”). I don’t know if I would date the main MC, she doesn’t talk much, is really distant, a lot of times negative and more the thinker than doer.
Interesting question though!

it’s a resounding yes for me. I would love to be around Raven, Nathan and the lost Boys. I will bring my inline skates on and hang out with them at their local skate park. They are all well grounded and carefree.

They are also funny … never a dull moment with them

Kit, my babey boi, I love you but you are such a disaster I think I’d loss all my brain cells just looking at you

How my MC is right now, sure I wouldn’t mind. But when he grows up, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him, I wouldn’t know how he would react in certain situations. Plus he would be a terrible friend.

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