Would You Write A Story That You Hate If It Made You Money?



As the title implies … purely hypothetical situation.

If you were offered a large sum (let’s say guaranteed $1,000,000) to write a book that you knew … just knew … you weren’t going to be happy writing. Would you do it?

On one hand, if I was approached and asked to write a series like Twilight, and offered a lot of money, I’d be tempted. But on the other hand, I know, just know, that if I had to write that story it would make me a miserable person. I just couldn’t do it.

I have to write what I am passionate about.

What about everyone else? Could you do it? Or would you walk away from it?


Honestly, I’m not sure I could. Writing is very much a passion thing for me. When the passion dies for a project, I become unable to write it.

So if there’s no passion for the project I’m being paid to write, I don’t think I could do it. Also why I’m not gonna persue a career in writing for hire, lol. I write too much from my heart.



In the past I’ve debated this, less on the money end and more on the “shouldn’t I write what people want to read” end but the answer is the same.

I’m very insecure about mywriting and I used to think that maybe if I just wrote cliche romances, people would read it.

Doesn’t matter if people read it or pay for it, though, the stories I write are the stories in my head. It would be a struggle to write a cliche, or something I hate. Regardless of money. Plus I’d probably feel horrible afterwards. I’d feel like crap because I’d feel like I’d written crap.


I’ve done a lot worse things for a lot less money, so I can comfortably say I’d write whatever wet-brained sparkle vampire high school mush was asked of me. With $1,000,000, I could buy myself a lot of time and resources to write what I want afterward.


For a million dollars?! Heck yes! I don’t really believe most people who say they wouldn’t… No offence to anyone, I get it is the most accepted answer that you wouldn’t because of integrity and all of that. However if we take that comparison of Twilight, there are actually people on this earth who enjoy Twilight. So I’m assuming someone will love what I wrote, which makes it seem okay to me ¯_(ツ)_/¯
While I do think that it would suck, I think I could get into the mind set of it being a thing where I’m ‘hate-writing’ or something. You know, kind of like hate watching a youtube video.


For me it’s more that if I hate what I’m writing, it’ll never get finished or I’ll physically hate myself afterwards.

shudders Twilight, please, no. If I ever agree to take money to write something like that, I’m dead and the government has replaced me.


I feel like I would try my best and then burn out halfway through. My love for a story is what keeps me pushing through writer’s block and frustration and time crunches; if there wasn’t at least a spark of joy in my work, I don’t think I’d be able to do it.


I would try, I suppose. But it’d be tough to get through. Even if I did see it through, it probably wouldn’t be very good so hopefully I got that money upfront! :joy:


Yeah I get your point, I really do.

I also think it’s possible to do it without hating yourself with the right mind-set. I mean if you make it your goal to write the worst thing ever, I also think that makes it a learning expierence. As long as you see it like that, I don’t see anything wrong with it.


I already work at a job I hate because it makes me money so…


If I wanna see bad writing I can just read my old fanfiction. I have a literal mental struggle with doing things I know I won’t like, like writing badly, and a guilt complex that will make me regret it.

Million dollars or no, it’s still a hard no for me. I like ramen.


I have a job I hate rn and I’m so close to quitting. My parents are telling me to stay but at this point I don’t care about money I want my mental health back.


Absolutely, I would write literally anything for a million dollars, how bad is it that I didn’t even bat an eye? Haha.
But seriously, I think writing it, it would still work on your “technical” stuff, even if the story was bad, which is a growth. And then, like others have said, I’d have all the time and comfort to actually write what I want.
The image of a starving artist is too cliche anyway. :money_mouth_face:


Hell no! What’s the point?

reads again Maybe just maybe.


For enough money I’d learn to like it.


Hahaha. Twilight brings that out in many of us.


Ok, how about this then … PLOT TWIST!

IF you do choose to write it, you get the $1,000,000 and it is a hit. BUT you can’t write anything except sequels (and get $1,000,000 per) for the rest of your writing life because no one will take you seriously in any other genre or format. So you’re basically stuck writing that storyline you hate forever.

Would those of you that said yes, still do it?



I guess it’s because I’ve ghostwritten stuff a couple of times for money, but if I’ve done it for $1500 I’ll definitely do it for $1,000,000. As long as my name’s not attached to it, I don’t mind—people gotta eat.


I really don’t think this is realistic. People just make up pen names and write what they want.

Nora Roberts the Romance writer that’s worth $370 million is also J. D. Robb the best selling mystery writer.

Anne Rice the writer that’s worth $60 million for her Gothic fiction is also Anne Rampling the best selling Christian Fiction writer, and A. N. Roquelaure, the best selling Erotica writer.


Just get a pen name.


That would be pretty difficult. Writing with stuff I like is hard enough because of procrastination and can take awhile. The money is tempting but I don’t know if I’d be able to do it