Would You Write A Story That You Hate If It Made You Money?



The essence of this question is: Does your dignity have a price tag?

Mine does not. Thus you’ll never find me writing trash (e.g. the entire erotica genre) just because there’s profit to be made from lapsed morality.


I absolutely would. Girls gotta pay the bills, and that kind of money in your pocket can help you with establishing yourself as a writer, writing things you actually want.

Writing usually does not pay all the bills. Unless you’re Anne Rice or JK Rowling, your book checks aren’t a means of living. Many authors have day jobs.


Tough question. I’ve always believed that you should do what you love and have been fortunate to have a career I greatly enjoy. But a million dollars for a few months of doing something you don’t want to do is hard to pass up. People have to do much worse things for far less money. Writing, even if it’s something you despise, is a privilege, especially if you’re getting paid to do it. I’ll have to say I’d do it.


Still yes. Loads of authors write multiple genre’s and have different pen names for things they do.

If the writing is a hit, then your readers clearly are taking you seriously, and some will migrate to other works even in different genres. I enjoy Richelle Mead’s YA vampire series, but also loved her New Adult fae series. I wouldn’t have read the lesser known NA series of hers if I hadn’t been a fan and followed her from her vamp series.

And the people who don’t read me and aren’t going to take me seriously, why do I care? I’m laughing all the way to the bank at those broke asses calling me a sellout while I write stuff I want to write sitting on the beach with a margarita.


Oh I’ve written a lot of crap I didn’t agree with, including professional papers from technical assessments that were not my own. I’m sure I can pump out a story for a paycheck just as easily. That’s child’s play, or something professional freelancers make a living on. :upside_down_face:

In fact, if you want to be a writer for a living, and you’re not an instant, breakout success, get ready to pay the bills doing exactly this. Trust me, you’ll do a lot of things you hate even more by the time you’re done on this planet, especially if you have kids.


Nope I am not a sell out I write what I love if people love it then great if they dont I dont care because I write because it makes me happy so if I were writing something that was torturous I’d turn down a trillion.


See, you get it. Score a million and then I’ll write whatever I want. That’s how Lady Gaga did it: she started out singing shitty pop then after she established herself, sang what she wanted. Now the she has a shitload of awards. I’ll die a little death if I was offered such. I’m not going to lie and say I wouldn’t. Plus, I get paid at a job I hate anyway.


Probably since I’m dead broke right now lol.



To both the original offer and the plot twist. I’d rather scrape bottom and work two part-time jobs on top of school to pay the bills than sell my soul and my love of writing to the genres that make that kind of money. I’m too bloody stubborn on my morals.

I will say, though, that writing will also never be my source of rent money, given my field of study. So that’s a bit of a privilege.

Not to mention that a million dollars wouldn’t even buy an apartment in my city : P


Considering what I’d do for money, yeah I’d be the sellout…


I wouldn’t. I have tried writing what I didn’t enjoy and it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t turn out good and it’s short and quick and way too awful. I need to enjoy writing or I feel like life isn’t worth living.


I could if it’s really good money (ratio time invested/what I earn). If I have to spend a huge amount of time on something I hate for a not so great pay, then heck no. If it’s decent money or really good money, I would honestly give it a thought, but my heart won’t be in it for sure. I would try to find a way to twist it as much as I can to something I love, I guess ? :thinking:


YES :smile:
I will write it under a different name, get profit, and use that profit as a foundation of my passion work and/or to boost it.

Idealism is for weaklings.



I will not take that offer. I will be attracted by that much money but I know that whenever I try to do something I don’t love, I always end up being a failure. I will not be able to finish that kind of stuff which I don’t love. I know I will be unable to complete that book. So I don’t wanna waste my time for something like that.

And For the plot twist – still NO

I always become murderous when I have to do something I hate. So if I accept the offer expecting some plot twist and if I end up becoming frustrated and annoyed with that book I am going to continue, I will end up murdering the person who gave me the original offer and then the twisting plot. :joy::joy:


I could do this once but not more than once and not for more than one book.




honestly? No. One because I’m not writing because I want money… and two because this would most probably be a turn off/cause writers’ block for me. I want to write what I love and care about.


absolutely, at my current earnings it would take me around 80 years to earn that much


Given the time consuming process just to write and edit a book, I would rather pass on the money. I can’t write something that I have zero interest in and no one can force me. It doesn’t matter how popular a genre or trope is, if I’m not interested, then nothing in the world can’t make me write it.


I would literally turn it down without a second thought. Writing, at least to me, is for enjoyment and a way to express yourself and your creativity. When my creative mind gets going on it’s own, it keeps on going. Sure, a large sum of money anyone would want, but if it interferes with what I would do with my passion and creativity it would be a no go.

No second thoughts, no second guesses.

Also there’s the problem I’ve run into where if I have run out of the drive and I would procrastinate and never get anything done. It’s happened before to me. So with this, I would say no simply because writing is something I love to do and I would be throwing away what I like to do writing a story I know I will not like writing. Reason two stated above, if I lose my drive for writing a story I just stop.