Would your Character rather . . .

This is a simple game, much like ‘Would You Rather’ but it’s about what your character would rather do.

There’s only one rule here:
1. Answer the person above you before making a question.

I’ll start it:
Would your character rather betray his/her friend for his/her loved one or leave his/her loved one for his/her best friend?

leave her loved one for her bestfriend
in a hypothetical situation were one among the lovers have to die. who would your character kill himself/herself or kill him/her

Kill themselves.
Would your character rather kill their sibling or kill their mother?

He’d probably kill himself if given that choice. His mother. He’s closer to his sister and would feel like if he chose to kill his sister over her, his mother would never forgive him, whereas his sister would forgive him after a while, especially since she has her own, young children who need her to be there.

Would your character rather explore the bottom of the ocean or the stars?


The stars :winterstars:

Would your character rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?

Lose the ability to speak she is already trying to keep distance from her brother so not talking would help her… Or so she thinks

Would your character rather be tormented with images/dreams of them killing their loved ones or for them not being able to see their loved ones?

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Lemmy would rather be tormented of images and dreams of not being able to see his loved ones

Would your character rather be abducted by a kidnapper or be abducted by aliens?

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define aliens, someone from another world or someone who is from another world and isn’t human?

because my character got kidnapped by aliens that are humans and humans from earth as well

Odrian wouldn’t mind either he has a special ability to get out of traps so he finds getting taken some times amusing

would your character rather become evil for revenge or sacrifice themselves for someone they are close to?

Oh that’s the climax of final book… but the evil part kinda off. He would sacrifice himself.

Would your character rather speak up against bullies or stay silent, afraid of being targeted next?

My character stayed quite in the past until it became broken he no longer cares about having a target on his back but more of keeping his secrets hidden

Would your character rather eat something unknown or try to beat someone at something new?

eat something unknown. His tastebuds are a bit different, so he might actually like it haha. and he isn’t really a competitive person.

Would your character rather be all blue or red?

All blue coz he’s a cool guy who loves both war and love. Besides his fav color is blue

Would your character rather let his girl die or backstab his best friend?

He would let his girl die because he’s unable to maintain long-term healthy relationships anyways (he’s highly irritable) and his best friend is the rare person that cares about him and he won’t be able to betray him.

Would your character be willing to torture someone if it meant greater good?

Yes, she actually killed her kid to save her.

Would your character rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy?

Though it is tempting to be rich, he is in a bad mental state and would much rather live a happy life as being poor.

Would your character rather be blind or deaf?

Though she would like to say neither, she would probably be blind, as she relies on her hearing than her sight.

Would your character rather, have the entire world think you’re a horrible person but have their family be proud of them; or have the entire world think highly of them but have their family thinks that they’re a horrible person?

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Have the entire world think they’re horrible as long as their family is proud. The world thinks the whol;e family sucks already lol (EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. OK? It was just a REALLY BIG mistake)

WYCR eat a cat or eat a dog?

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Adaline couldn’t bear to eat either animal, as cats are her favorite and dogs seem very dirty due to how much they play around. She would much rather eat a dog if it came down to it. Eating a cat would mess with her mind.

Would your character rather die normally or be immortal?


Ooh, sounds intriguing! :blush:

Probably die a normal death

Would your character rather have their body covered in fur or scales?

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