Would Your Character Rather...



All you have to do is answer the last question according to what your character would choose, then make up your own scenario. I’ll start,

Would your character rather wear a bunny costume in public or shave their head?


Bunny costume in public definitely

Would your character rather get drunk or high?


Drunk. (But he’s still a minor!!)

Would your character rather get run over by a car or fall off a cliff?


Falling off of a height terrifies Sophia, so she’d probably be run over by a car. Ray would want his death instanteneous, so it would be car. Victoria would like to feel the wind, so fall off.

Would your character rather be shot or stabbed?


Red would rather be stabbed, her curse would prevent her from dying and its easier to heal without a bullet in her.

WYCR eat a lego or step on it


That’s painful. Probably step on it since the pain is temporary. Swallowing it wouldn’t be pleasant after a good 8 hours.

WYCR dance nude or sing nude?


Definitely dance nude. Singing…yeah. Um. No.

WYCR spend an hour outside in the freezing cold or the boiling heat?


They’re used to the heat, so they would probably spend it in boiling heat. Freezing cold weather is a no no.

WYCR go to Hawaii or Bora Bora?


Hawaii. He’s a big Five-0 fan.

WYCR have to sacrifice their mother or their father?


Victoria would rather sacrifice her father. Ray and Sophia wouldn’t be able to choose.

WYCR have a sister or a brother?


Red has a sister and a brother, lol.

WYCR add a year to their age or subtract a year from their age


I think Victoria would add. Sophia and Ray would subtract.

WYCR live in Antarctica or live in the Sahara?


Well, Mikhael already lives in something like the Sahara, so what difference is there?

WYCR live inside for the rest of their life with no WiFi, or live outside for the rest of their life with WiFi?


Maybe outside with WiFi.

WYCR drive a car or fly a plane?


Drive. Huxley prefers to leave the flying to people who know what they’re doing, and Jane would probably just look out the window either way.

WYCR listen to music or watch TV


Music, Red doesn’t know what a TV is.

WYCR do the dishes or mop the house



Would your character rather fight a gladiator or wrestle a bear :sweat_smile:


Fight a gladiator.

WYCR go to jail for life or be buried alive?


Buried alive! If he survives he can climb out somehow!

Would your character rather lose their best friend or their pet


Their pet is their best friend, so it doesn’t matter either way.

Would your character rather kill themselves or get killed?