Would Your Character Rather...



I’d say love someone they could never have, but Zelda loved someone that was taken away from her, and now loves someone she can never fully have… She would probably take the 2nd road and love someone for a limited time.

WYCR lose their memory while being aware of something that no one talks about, or have to live with the memory that no one wants to remember?


The 2nd option, especially considering the fact she does end up having to live with a horrible horrible memory.

WYCR sacrifice the person they love most to save a city full of strangers or sacrifice a city full of strangers to save the person they love most?


Probably sacrifice a city full of strangers to save the person they love.

Would Your Character Rather get revenge to feel good for a moment, or forgive and forget?


Aster would forgive and forget (unless someone hurt any of his friends/family), Narcissus would definitely go get revenge, Faith would forgive and forget, and Hope…she’ll kill you within three days.

WYCR jump off a cliff to save a friend, or push their friend off a cliff to save themselves?


Push off the friend to save themselves. Even though she’d live with that guilt for a long time.

WYCR be rich and have no one but themselves or be poor, but have close friends and family?


Definitely be poor if it means having people to talk to and love

WYCR go out and party or stay home and watch movies?


Oh, stay home and watch movies definitely. That’s what they do.

WYCR die young, but happy or live long, but in depression?


He definitely would have liked to die young but happy. Things didn’t quite turn out for him that way though.

WYCR never be able to leave their home country, or never be able to return to it?


Never be able to leave their home country. That would be nice, in their case.

WYCR never see his parents again or live with his parents forever (no, not until they die, forever)?


In the beginning, she’d choose to stay with them forever, but towards the end, she’ll realize that would be toxic and limiting, so she’d choose option one and never see them again.

WYCR never feel pain (emotional) or never feel happiness?


I think they’d never feel pain. Sophia’s so happy. Ray wouldn’t be able to decide. Victoria would do happiness because she herself isn’t really happy right now, so it’s nothing she’d lose. Yeah :frowning:

WYCR constantly be crying or constantly be smiling?


Constantly be smiling for Griffin. Nothing would change for him. Ravenna would choose smiling, because it makes you look more open and friendly, which will make manipulation easier. Winston wouldn’t choose either one.

WYCR lose their family or lose their identity?


Identity for Ray and Sophia. They wouldn’t stand losing their family. It’d be like a kick in their heart if they did that. Victoria, family. She can live without her parents.

WYCR swim in boiling water or swim in freezing water?


Freezing for Griffin. He’s jumped into freezing pools before, ao he’ll tolerate it better. Ravenna would choose boiling water. Winston would too. They tolerate heat better than the cold (being Southern California born).

WYCR get a permanent tattoo they hate or lose their driver’s license?


Lose their driver’s license. We all know what happened while Ray drove that time. And not only that, they can probably get it back somehow. A tattoo is something they’d never live down.

WYCR elope or get married in really ugly clothes?


Oooh, that’s hard. Ravenna, I’m not sure. Both ruin her existing reputation. Winston would elope, only just because he wants to leave his old life behind anyway. He doesn’t care about ugly clothes, so that wouldn’t bother him.

WYCR lose their dominant arm or their leg?


Hmmm. That’s also a pretty hard question. I think all of them would lose an arm over a leg. They wouldn’t want to be on crutches or in a wheelchair.

WYCR marry young, but unhappily or marry late, but happily?


Late for most of them, but Ravenna would feel pressured to marry young. Plus, she’s not the type to enjoy that type of commitment and intimacy from a marriage. So she’d choose to marry young, but unhappy, because she’d still probably be unhappy even if she finds the one.

WYCR get into a knife fight with Cain or be dealt with at Ravenna’s mercy?


Knife fight with Cain for Ray. He’d probably cut Cain’s throat on “accident” because of that. Sonia would do Ravenna’s mercy because she can handle anything (she’s Ms. Badass). Sophia would go to Ravenna’s mercy. Victoria, she’d just run. Is that an option? XD

WYCR insult Sophia in front of Ray or Anthony? (both will result in possible death)


Winston is a sweetheart and would never do that, but he’d choose Ray. Because fighting an older brother is too much. His age gap with Ray is only about a year. Maurice would take on either for specific reasons I can’t explain due to spoilers. Ravenna would also do either, because she knows that both are gentlemen who won’t physically lay hands on her.

WYCR join Ravenna’s clique and leave all their friends behind or be a constant victim of their harassment?