Would Your Character Rather...



I don’t think Ray would ever have the guts to do that to his friends. He’d deal with the harassment. Sophia too. Victoria doesn’t have many friends, so she’d join the clique. Pete and Sonia would face the harassment. They’re all tightly knit, so they wouldn’t leave each other.

WYCR harass the four of them or become a member?


Winston would become a member, even though he knows it’ll cause him and Ravenna to have an even more strained relationship. But he’d rather take it on himself than to harass them. Besides, he needs real friends. Ravenna would harass, because come on, it’s Ravenna. Griffin would join most definitely. He loves making new friends, even if it pisses Ravenna off. Draven would do neither, he’d just stay out of it, so no trouble.

WYCR be hurt psychologically by Ravenna or be hurt physically by Winston?


Ray can take on anything physically, so Winston. Sonia, Ravenna (Ms. Badass). Sophia, Ravenna. Victoria, Ravenna. Pete, he’d run.

WYCR ship Sonia and Pete or ship Pete and Victoria?


Winston, Sonia and Pete, because he likes that feisty balance. He wouldn’t like Pete with Victoria, cuz he thinks Victoria needs to love and take care of herself before commiting to a relationship with someone else. Ravenna, Pete and Victoria, because Victoria is easier to wrap her finger around and the more connections, the better. If she ever needs to do anything to Ray, Sophia, Pete, or Sonia, she could start by pulling Victoria on puppet strings.

WYCR ship Ravenna & Winston or Ravenna & Draven?


Oh Pete would do Ravenna and Winston because he wants to die :slight_smile: Just kidding, but yeah Ravenna’d kill him. I think Sophia and Ray would do Ravenna and Draven because Draven’s so chill and laid back and Ravenna is not that. Ray and Sophia like the opposites attract thing. (BTW, have you found a face claim for Draven?)

WYCR be arrested by Scott or have their butts kicked by Ray?


No, unfortunately not. I feel like he’s one of the harder ones. I do have a face claim for Austin though (Casey Jackson, the young model one because there are two of them, one of which is an old guy, lol.) Oooh… Cain and Winston would choose to get their ass kicked by Ray, because they can fight back. Draven wouldn’t get himself in either situations. Ravenna would just subtlely wiggle her way out of both, then tip toe away secretly.

WYCR lose their car keys or lose their new phone?


Lose their new phone so that they can buy another one.

WYCR kiss a frog or jump into a freezing cold lake in the middle of winter in Canada?


Jump into the freezing lake! Especially if it was a dare!

Speaking of which, WYCR run across a decaying bridge to impress friends, or be called a wimp for two weeks?


Aster and Narcissus would run across the decaying bridge because they know that if it gave away, they would still be able to survive.

Faith would rather be called a wimp, but Hope would run across it.

WYCR experience a 10 day blackout with no internet or live in the middle ages while still knowing that the internet existed?


My character Ankou would rather live in the middle ages knowing the internet still exists since he is immortal and live one thousand years without the internet already.

WYCR have everyone forget they ever existed or to have everyone remember they exist but they would be hated by everyone?


Be remembered by everyome, but hated, because they are already in that situation. One is proud of it, but the other is not.

WYCR lose their leg or lose their eyesight to the point of blindness?


Leg. At least with that he can get a prosthetic.

WYCR have their biological sex change every time they sneeze or turn invisible when they do until they sneeze again (with their clothes staying visible)?


Definitely invisibility because that’ll be pretty funny

WYCR freeze to death or burn to death?


Freeze. I think they all would rather freeze than burn.

WYCR lose their house or lose an acquaintance to a car accident?


Lose an acquaintance. Hey, assassinations are normal, and it’s just an acquaintance, not you’re best friend.

WYCR jump into a pit of poisonous snakes or jump into a pit of small needles?


Small needles. They aren’t itching to get killed.

WYCR die slowly in agony or watch someone they love die slowly in agony while they can’t do anything to help?


Aster would die slowly in agony. Narcissus would choose the second one but end up doing the first one. Faith and Hope would chose the first one as well.

Well, looks like all my characters are relatively nice people. I should change that.

WYCR go bungee jumping and have the rope break or go skydiving but the parachute malfunction?


Skydiving for most of them, because the landing will likely be in a open field (hopefully). Bungee jumping is usually high over not so desirable things to fall on.

WYCR be cheated on by their long-lasting lover or be betrayed by a best friend?


My character would rather be betrayed by her best friend. Since she has some pretty deep trust issues I don’t think that she could handle her s/o cheating on her.

WYCR change a physical feature about them or be able to see into their future.


Both are bad for her. :joy: She’d probably choose the future because she’s arrogant and vain. She won’t be happy with what she sees though.

WYCR get expelled from a school they like or get rejected by the top college they wanted?