Would Your Character Rather...



Interesting :o
My character would rather get expelled due to the fact that one of her good friends goes to another school nearby.

WYCR get a tattoo or get a piercing?


A piercing. Tattoos are permanent and painful to get off. Piercings are small and not as noticeable.

WYCR fall in love but have it end in tragedy or never fall in love ever?


My character would rather never fall in love. I feel like he doesn’t want to open up to someone and have it fail later on.
WYCR break someone’s heart or have someone break theirs?


Break someone else’s heart 100%. She’s done it many times before and would do it again if it’s necessary. She doesn’t even feel bad about it…

WYCR save one family member and let 5 strangers die or save the 5 strangers and let that one family member die?


My one character would probably save the 5 strangers. She does not have the best relationship with her family and doesn’t know who her father is (yet).

WYCR Stay the age that they are forever or live out their lives and get old.


Oooh, I think that would be hard for her. Because she’s in a good place right now in her life, but she also wants to go through life as she should and then die and leave a legacy. Hm… She’d think life would get boring if it’s always the same and she watches everyone around her move on. So she’s choose to life life and grow older.

WYCR lose someone they love or lose their own identity?


Lose her own identity. I think that she already is sick of being who she is.

WYCR be reborn the same person or be reborn as someone else?


The same person. She’s too vain and prideful to take the risk of being someone else who may have a worse life than she did.

WYCR be feared but admired or loved but underestimated?


He would rather be feared but admired.

WYCR have one lover for their whole life that would do anything for them or have various lovers that never work out.


One lover. Because come on, who wouldn’t want that?

WYCR never be able to feel emotions or always feel emotions too strongly?


Never feel emotions. I mean feeling happiness strongly would be amazing, but grief and sadness no thank you.

WYCR be in a Shakespeare play or To Kill A Mockingbird?


Shakespeare plays. Because come on. Who wouldn’t want to play dying characters throwing around savage insults?

WYCR never be able to see someone they love again or never be able to visit their favorite place/home again?


Never be able to visit their favorite place/home. Home is where the heart is :o

WYCR constantly be scared or constantly feel guilty


Constantly be scared. She’s already on guard, so it won’t be too bad. She rarely feels guilty for anything bad she does, so if she ended up feeling it all the time all of a sudden, it’ll be a burdening surprise that she won’t be able to handle for long.

WYCR be in a long-distance relationship or break-up with someone they still love?


Long distance relationship.

WYCR only be able to listen to one song for the rest of their life or only be able to watch one show


One song. They aren’t big music lovers. But they do love shows and movies.

WYCR be manipulated and controlled by their own parents or by someone rich and powerful?


She technically is already manipulated by her mother so that.

WYCR have a thriving meme page or a popular selfcare page?


She’d honestly do neither. But selfcare, because it seems to be more of the professional reputation she’s aiming for.

WYCR hurt someone they love or hurt an innocent kid?


He’s already hurt someone he loves who, in his mind, is an innocent kid.

WYCR gain control over fire or water?


Fire. Because fires are powerful. Deadly.

WYCR control lightning or hail storms?