Would Your Character Rather...



Jasmine would prefer to control lightning as she was zapped when she touched the light that gave her powers. The zaps that went in body felt good to her.

WYCR have a lot of Instagram Followers or plenty of good and solid real life friendships?


Good, solid real-life relationships. Because you can’t physically manipulate Instagram followers the way you can manipulate people in person.

WYCR never be able to use their dominant hand again or completely lose sight in their dominant eye?


Never use her dominate hand again because she’s ambidextrous.

WYCR get a boyfriend/girlfriend/other or have an unlimited supply of food?


Unlimited supply of food (starlites can’t love anyway)

WYCR kill someone or die for someone


Kill someone. She’s done it before.

WYCR go to jail or get the death sentence?


Oh Ray would rather go to jail, but not for life. He’d probably go for something like a disturbance among the people. It’d be minor. Sophia’d probably go to jail since she’d feel guilty. Victoria would die.

WYCR have an old, but good phone or a new, but cracked phone?


Old but good phone because she wouldn’t want to buy a new one.

WYCR Murder someone or commit suicide?


Ravenna would rather murder, but it’ll destroy her sanity. Winston would commit suicide.

WYCR get a life sentence in jail for a crime they didn’t commit or get a death sentence for a crime they did commit?


Death for something they did. I mean, she did murder half the school and then set the gym on fire.

WYCR have control water or fire?


Well, Aster already has control over fire, and Narcissus has control over ice, so no change there.

WYCR have twelve younger siblings or twelve older siblings?


Oooh, that’s hard. Having twelve older siblings will overshadow her. Having twelve younger siblings will be her responsibility and she already has a ton of responsinilities that don’t involve little kids. Probably twelve older siblings, so she can prove herself.

WYCR never eat their favorite food again or never visit their childhood home again?


Never visit her childhood home. It was burnable, so she didn’t like it.

WYCR have their mother or father die?


Mother, as much as she loves her. Her father is more of the dominant head of the family and is still the guide Ravenna thinks she needs until she is fully grown. Even if he is way more controlling than her easy-going mom.

WYCR kill an innocent stranger or kill their pet?


An innocent stranger. She would kill her pet though if her boyfriend asked her to.

WYCR have a lot of responsibility and freedom or no responsibility and no freedom?


A lot of responsibility, but a lot of freedom. Because she already has a ton of responsibility and freedom. And she’s handling it pretty well for someone her age.

WYCR get accused for murder or get caught for a crime they did do?


Caught for a crime she did. She really wishes someone witnessed her start the school fire.

WYCR burn down a building or get in a sword fight?


Burn down a building. I’m sure that happened at one point. They aren’t physically capable to do a sword fight.

WYCR lose all their priviledge or lose their identity?


Lose her privilege. She doesn’t have any already.

WYCR lost a phone or a car?


A phone. Her car is way too expensive to lose. She owns a Volvo, which is expensive to maintain.

WYCR find out their entire life as they knew it was a lie or find out the person they loved was dead?


That her entire life was a lie. She loves her boyfriend too much.

WYCR be tortured or have their closest loved one die a painless death?