Would Your Character Rather...



Have their closest loved one die a painless death. Her closest loved one isn’t close enough for her to lose her shit. And she most definitely does NOT want to get tortured.

WYCR get a drunken tattoo or have a drunk one night stand with a stranger?


A drunken tattoo. She’s kill herself if she cheated on her boyfriend.

WYCR: Have a loving girlfriend needing commitment or two side hoes?


A loving girlfriend who has trouble with commitment, you mean? In that case, Winston would choose not to be in a relationship and just have two side chicks instead (with both of them knowing that this is not a relationship and therefore does not require commitment). He wouldn’t be able to stand a loving girlfriend breaking his heart.

WYCR drown to death in the open sea or be burned at the stake?


Oh Victoria is so scared of water, so she’d probably be burned. Ray and Sophia would drown, because they wouldn’t want to feel the pain of being burned alive. They’d probably drown.

WYCR learn Czech or learn Estonian? :wink:


Both. He’s a language nerd.

WYCR travel to a new place they’ve never been before and then live there or travel to a place that they’re familiar with, but can never visit it again afterwards?


Travel to a place they’ve never been.

Would your character rather unknowingly eat squid or dog?


Squid. Squid doesn’t taste bad at all. But they like dogs and where they’re from, eating dogs is frowned upon.

WYCR live in an expensive, but nice city or live in a cheap, but dangerous town?


Luce would rather live in an expensive but nice town, since he can afford it. Gwen on the other hand would rather live in a cheap town-- she can handle the danger.

WYCR have both arms amputated, or both legs?


Okay…well, Aster and Narcissus wouldn’t care, since they could just get a prosthetic. Faith and Hope would freak out over choosing one, since losing either would probably mean certain death within three days in the slums. So one of them would choose arms, and the other would choose legs. Perfect.

WYCR listen to their favorite song of their choosing for the rest of their life, or never be able to listen to music again?


Listen to a favorite of song of her choosing. She’s convinced she’ll die soon anyway.

WYCR be murdered or die of sickness?


Die of sickness because being murdered would soil the family name. Actually both would, so neither, but I don’t think you can help getting sick.

WYCR be ignored their entire life or have the entire world pay attention to their every little detail their entire life?


Be ignored. Then she wouldn’t hurt anyone.

WYCR date someone, but hurt them in the end or pretend you don’t like them, but just end up pining?


Pretend you don’t like them and end up pining them. Not because she’s afraid of hurting them, but because of her own pride.

WYCR be tortured by rolling in spikes or be tortured by being flayed slowly to death?


Damn, that’s dark.

Rolling in spikes, I suppose. I think Val would see it as a quicker and less horrific end, and the flayed-slowly-to-death bit would probably remind him too much of the sort of enemies they face throughout the course of the story.

WYCR be gluten free or lactose intolerant for the rest of their lives?


Gluten free. He loves cheese too much to give it up and already tries to avoid gluten.

WYCR be killed by someone they care about or kill someone they care about?


Ooooh, that’s rough. Winston would rather be killed by the person he loved. Because he won’t be able to handle killing someone he owed his life to. But if they betrayed him, then he would be ready to die already.

WYCR date someone they love and end up getting hurt or pretend they don’t love them and spend the rest of their life secretly yearning for them?


Weslyn would probably get hurt. The people she loves, always tend to hurt her, regardless.

Would your character rather avenge the death of their loved one or forgive the one who caused the death of their loved one?


Avenge. 100%. To them, it would be disrespectful not to get vengeance for their loved one.

WYCR never be able to do their favorite hobby ever agin or never be able to see one person that they love ever again?


Never see the one person she loves ever again. She’s already trying to isolate herself from him, but failing, so it would help if it were official.

WYCR lose their sight or hearing?


Hearing, because as much as it means to her to listen in, her sight will make it easier for her to get around.

WYCR get sent to the military involuntarily or get sent to 2 years of jail time?