Would Your Character Rather...



Jail. She doesn’t believe she’s gonna live two years.

WYCR not feel pain or not feel sadness?


Not feel pain. She rarely feels sadness at all, so not a big deal for her. And in the rare times that she does, she suppresses the feeling.

WYCR live forever alone or live a few years surrounded by loved ones?


A few years surrounded by loved ones. She wants to live her last few days loved.

WYCR live in the mountains or the woods?


Probably mountains.

WYCR break their wrist or their nose?


Her wrist. She wouldn’t feel it either way.

WYCR be forever physically numb or emotionally numb?


She’s already emotionally numb. So she’d pick physically numb.

WYCR lose their best friend or lose their sibling?


She doesn’t have a sibling.

WYCR have a sibling or a pet?


Well, they already have both, but I would say that Aster would want a sibling more (I’m so sorry Lei!) (Lei is his pet kitten).

WYCR be blind for the rest of their life or be deaf for the rest of their life?


She’d rather be deaf because if she were blind she would have no way to tell if she was hurt. Literally no way.

WYCR be punched in the face or kicked in the stomach?


Devin would rather be punched in the gut, although he does end up getting both.

Would your character rather sing on a stage in front of millions or never sing again?


Never sing again. She doesn’t sing anyway.

WYCR kill someone or kill themselves?


Devin would kill someone, one hundred percent to protect his family.

Would your character rather bury the body or burn it?


Definitely bury the body. Hope is probably the only one who would burn it, depending on whose body it was.

WYCR listen to music they hate for the rest of their lives or never listen to music again?


Never listen music again

Would your character rather get pinched painfully by a random stranger everyday or never remember the way home alone.


Never remember the way home alone. Because then you could just write it down on a piece of paper and have a taxi take you or something.

WYCR live for a thousand years or never exist?


That’s tough, Darius would rather never exist than live in the life he was born into

Would your character rather lose his mind or lose all his money?



Would your character rather be cursed to shape shift into their least favorite animal every night or switch bodies with their enemy and not be able to turn back ever?


Switch bodies and make some interesting life choices.

Would your character rather live in space or under the sea?


Space seems cool.

WYCR be a character in a horror movie or a tragedy?


Horror movie for Sophia, because she finds them absolutely hilarious, plus she’d kick the killer’s butt. Ray would probably be in a horror movie because he wants to experience the thrill. Victoria would be in a tragedy as she feels her life would be no different than what she’s acting in

WYCR read Shakespeare for a year or be forced to learn Russian within a month?