Would Your Character Rather...



Horatio would choose Shakespeare, and read Hamlet, Macbeth, and all of his works.

WYCR sing musical numbers at random times or start speaking alien languages all the time?


Cole would definitely choose to speak alien :grin:

Would your character rather live in the city or the country?


They all live in the suburbs, which they all enjoy. But I think Ravenna would very prefer the city over the country. The only issue is that you can’t really own a mansion or land comfortably in the city (or at all).

WYCR kill the villain or spare them by putting them into prison?


Amber would spare the villain to torture them, so they give you information. Once they give you the info you want, you slowly and painfully kill them. Preferably using fire and freezing blood from their skin. Amber would know she did a good job if their corpse is laying in a pool of blood.

Would your character rather live forever but have to pay the cost of helping with the demons in Hell or would they rather die in two hours and go to Heaven?


Matteo would rather die in two hours and go to Heaven - although he likely deserves to go to Hell for a plethora of reasons, he wouldn’t want to live forever. He would hate seeing everyone around him die.

Would your character rather stab someone or electrocute them?


Electrocute. Because it’s harder to feel guilty about than direct stabbing.

WYCR die in a ditch beneath the open sky or die in a prison cell?


Die in a ditch beneath the open sky. How beautiful would that be?

WYCR jump off a three story house and break some bones
jump off a really tall skyscraper and not die when they hit the ground, but possibly die from the g-force?


Jump off a three story house and break some bones. Basically, that’s just jumping from her own roof and surviving the fall with only a few broken bones. That’s pretty lucky.

WYCR get a drunken tattoo that they regret or get betrayed by someone they love?


Get betrayed by someone they love.

Because that’s when you know you need to find someone else.

WYCR never leave the house again or never be able to enter a house again?


Matteo would rather never be able to enter a house again. He’d feel trapped otherwise, and he’s constantly on the move - there’s only so much you can learn and explore in one house.

WYCR be stuck in a romcom movie or a sci-fi movie?


A rom-com. His life already turned into a sci-fi movie and it isn’t going well.

WYCR become allergic to their favorite food or be allergic to all animals?


Allergic to all animals. He doesn’t give a single solitary hoot about animals.

WYCR grant justice or mercy?


Justice. Ravenna does not understand the concept nor the point of mercy.

WYCR spend a lifetime with guilt and regret or die young with no regrets?


Die young with no regrets.

WYCR be married young or be forced into marriage?


Ravenna doesn’t want to marry in general, but she wants to enjoy freedom and independance for as long as she can. And she’d think her father arranging a marriage wouldn’t be too bad, because whoever she’d be forced to marry would offer the family benefits. So she’d take being forced into marriage if her family got to choose the husband.

WYCR be in an abusive, traumatizing relationship, only to find true love later on with someone else or never be in any relationships at all?


Nicole would rather be in an abusive traumatizing relationship. Tanya would be like “yeah no love merci beaucoup.”

WYCR read smut or fluff?


Winston, Ravenna, and Maurice would go full on smut all the way. Daphne and Griffin would read fluff and melt from the cuteness.

WYCR never be able to feel guilt or never be able to feel regret?


Venus would rather never feel guilty. I think she feels guilty all the time anyway so it would probably be a relief.

WYCR the general public think they are a horrible person and their family be very proud of them or their family thinks they are a horrible person and the general public be very proud of them.


The former. Her life is already the former and she’s prefectly content with it. She wouldn’t be able to stand her father thinking she’s a disgrace. She couldn’t give a fuck about what the public thinks as long as she has her father’s approval. That was all she ever wanted.

WYCR turn rich overnight, but also lose everyone who matters in their life or turn homeless overnight, but with everyone they love by their side?


Homeless no doubt. In fact, she is homeless right now for the ones she cares about. The special people in her life are her everything.

WYCR find true love or find a suitcase with five million dollars in it.