Would Your Character Rather...



Ravenna doesn’t believe in true love. And she’s already rich and comfortable enough not to want more money, plus, she’d prefer to earn wealth rather than to win it by luck. So neither seem like things she’d want. But if she got to choose, she’d probably choose the latter. (Although in my opinion, she needs the former to ground her.)

WYCR kill five strangers or kill one family member.


He’d kill five strangers without hesitation. He almost killed a family member in the past, and it nearly broke him, he never wants to go through that again, even if it means killing other people. Of course, he’ll probably beat himself up over it later and beg for someone to kill him because he’s a monster but that’s beside the point…

WYCR live forever as a vampire (can’t be killed) or die and be stuck haunting their home until the last of their kin dies allowing them to finally move on?


He’d rather be stuck haunting their home. It’s nice to stay at his own house and it shouldn’t take much time for his last of kin to die.

WYCR make food from scratch or buy it premade?


Matteo would rather buy pre-made food - he can’t cook for shxt and and buying it pre-made is much quicker than doing it from scratch.

WYCR see only really bright colours or no colour at all?


Posilyn would choose to see bright colors. She couldn’t imagine life without colors, they make up a lot of her life!

WYCR become famous with no friends or love, or stay unknown with everyone they care about?


[Posilyn is such a pretty name haha!]

Stay unknown with everyone they care about. Fame and status mean nothing to Matteo.

WYCR be seen as overly brooding or overly cheerful constantly?


Overly cheerful. It would make people like him a lot more than the other choice.

WYCR only eat in the morning hours or only eat at night?


Only eat at night. Matteo would just sleep in in the morning anyways.

WYCR speak a different language than everyone else around him or not be able to talk to anyone?


(Thank you!)

Negito would probably choose to speak a different language. He can already speak a different one, so nothing would change.

WYCR have weird dreams that always make them go WTF when they wake up, or awful nightmares?


Weird dreams, because she can handle that. But for nightmares, she hates feeling vulnerable.

WYCR lose all their money or lose all their friends?


Lose all their money. Because you can get the money back with your friends! (Totally not aiming for murder)

WYCR break a really expensive watch by accident, which they have to pay back, or ruin their friends lives by accident?


Ravenna would choose to break an expensive watch, then pay for it, because money was never and has never been an issue for her to worry about, so it’s not a bad lost. Ruining a friend’s life, on the other hand, is unfathomable, because she doesn’t have anyone she considers a “friend” in the first place, so if this person meant so much to her that she consider them a “friend”, then she definitely would not want to ruin them.

WYCR be born with everything, then die with nothing or be born with nothing, only to die with everything? (Sorry if it’s unclear. If it is, I’d gladly elaborate.)


I feel like Nicole would want to work her way up and die with everything. I think everyone would die with everything.

WYCR take biology or chemistry?


Ravenna, definitely bio. Winston, bio. Draven would willingly take either. Griffin would want to take chem, but in the end, bio would be easier for him.

WYCR go into business or go into politics?


Nicole’s in a business oriented family, so she’d go into business. I think Elena’s already in business. Dom would want something different, so politics.

WYCR watch porn or horror?


Ravenna would honestly choose porn. She watches porn ocassionally when she lacks sexual contact and she isn’t fazed by horror (in fact, she thinks it’s hilarious). Actually, she thinks that horror is cheaper than other genres, because she thinks that they use scare value to determine how good the movie was, rather than how well the plot itself was executed. Winston would choose porn 100%, because horror movies don’t scare him. Griffin would choose horror, because he loves jumping from his couch like a monkey with a heart attack. Draven would just be like, “Nope. I’m out. See ya.”

WYCR take an AP class in English or Math?


I do too ahahah. I think Nicole would take an English class. Elena would do math, since she’s in finance. Dom would just be like “yeah no.”

WYCR take European history or American history?


Ravenna would be like, “Ew, American history. I should be educated in it, but still…ew.” So she’d choose European history. Honestly, I think all of them would choose European over American history, because it’s more broad. Ravenna and Winston both do AP World Historg anyway. (Don’t even ask how he got in. I don’t know either.)

WYCR take History or Science?


Oh Nicole hated history so much when she was in school. I’m sure that when her teacher was in class, she’d be playing solitaire on her phone (I literally did that yesterday in my biology teacher’s class as he was lecturing). So Nicole would do science. Dominic loves history, so that’s self explanatory. Elena would be like “is neither an option?”

WYCR take calculus or trigonometry?


Ravenna would probably take calculus and so would Draven. Winston and Griffin would be like, “Ooooh, triangles…”

WYCR learn a foreign language as a class or some form of art? (Drama, painting, drawing, etc.)