Would Your Character Rather...



Gyl would get Himself killed if it’s to protect His loved ones.

(There are two other characters of Mine, but I don’t think their characters are developed well enough yet)

WYCR get tortured or be the one doing the torturing.


Neither? Dunno.

WYCR burn themself or cut off a limb?


Red would rather burn herself. While neither would kill her a burn heals a lot quicker.

WYCR Smell nothing or always be repulsed by smell


Definitely smell nothing. She lives in the rankest city.
Would you character rather eat a hundred spiders or be doomed to be a spider for life


While Huxley would hate both, since he hates spiders with a passion, he’d probably eat the spiders. So long as he could put them in a blender first, and nobody told him what it was.

WYCR Be shot in the arm or the leg?


Doesn’t matter because he can heal himself.

WYCR drink tea or drink coffee?


Reka’s blood is 90% coffee, so the latter.

WYCR read the book or watch the movie adaptation?


Huxley prefers books, but normally only has time for the movies. Work keeps him busy.

WYCR work for or against the police?


Sophia’s dad is the sheriff of the town, so she would work for the police. I think Ray would join her. Victoria is neutral

WYCR bs an essay or bs a test?


An essay

Wycr go bungee jumping or scuba diving?


Scuba. Sophia can swim, and Ray can too. Victoria would bungee because she is terrified of swimming

WYCR leave a loved one or have a loved one leave them?


All his loved ones already left him.

WYCR go bungee jumping or skydiving?



Elvia would go skydiving, since she has aerokinesis :0

WYCR eat donuts or ice cream?


Ice cream because the desert is a million degrees in the day. (Not literally)

WYCR have fun for just one day of their life and have friends or have fun everyday with no friends?


He’d want to have one day of fun and be able to have friends. He’s needs people in his life and he needs for them to like and rely on him.

WYCR eat nothing but meat for the rest of their life or eat nothing but vegetables for the rest of their life?


Meat for the rest of their life (especially since their life didn’t last too long anyway…)

Would your character rather live without arms or live without legs?


Ooh, that’s a good one. He’d choose to live without legs. He can still get around and all that, and he needs his arms so he can be ‘useful’ to others.

WYCR do laundry or change a tire?


Do laundry? What’s so bad about doing laundry?

WYCR count to 100 and get a pet fish or count to 1000000 and get a pet dog?


There’s nothing bad about changing a tire either. lol. He’d count to one hundred. One reason is he doesn’t have time to count to 1,000,000. And two, he wouldn’t have time to properly take care of a dog.

WYCR jump from three stories or wrestle with an alligator?


Jump from three stories and get all his bones crushed from the force because he doesn’t want an alligator to bite his head off. Though that’d be a nice way to die.

WYCR be a good singer but be ugly or be a bad singer but absolutely beautiful? (Why do I feel the answer is obvious?)