Would Your Character Rather...



Always tell the truth. She’s many things, but she tries not to lie unless there is a reason to. Her honesty is one of the few good things about her.

WYCR die young, but quick enough that they don’t feel pain or die old, but in agony?


Die young. My character is already in agony, and though he would never end it on his own, I don’t think he’d stop anyone else.

WYCR have sex at a beach or in a theatre (or make out/ kiss if the aforementioned does not apply to your character or your too young lol)


Beach is romantic and nice, but like it’s sandy and unsanitary, lol. Theater is crowded with people, but everyone’s focused on the movie and they could easily sit in the far back where no one will notice them. So probably the theater.

WYCR eat waffles or pancakes for breakfast?


Oh Nicole is a total pancake person. Dom would do waffles. Elena would be like “food? GIMME!”

WYCR live in Slovakia or Slovenia?


Slovakia seems like Ravenna’s type of vacation place. Same for Draven. I think Winston and Griffin would like Slovenia’s landscape views.

WYCR become a lawyer or a doctor?


Nicole would be a lawyer, because she’s surprisingly good at arguing. And I think Dom and Elena would be doctors.

WYCR have a dog or cat?


Ravenna would very much want a cat. They’re lazy, they hate exercise, they like luxury, they’re sassy. Ravenna in a nutshell. :joy: It would be easier to take care of them too, because dogs require more attention. I seriously think that Ravenna lowkey likes cats, but doesn’t want to admit it. Winston would want a dog, because he needs that love and loyalty if he can’t get that from a person. Draven and Griffin would also want dogs.

WYCR find true love later in life (like when they’re +60) and have it end happily until death or fall in love young, but have it end in tragedy?


I feel like Nicole would want love to come later. She’s already kind of swearing off love while with Colin, because it was no where near love. I think they’d all want it to last until death.

WYCR live forever, but with lots of health issues or die young, but with no severe health issues?


Oooh, that’s a hard question. I think Winston would choose to die young and so would Griffin. Neither of them care about how long life lasts, just about how life was when it lasted. Draven would have a hard time choosing and he’d honestly want neither. Ravenna wants to live long enough to establish some sort of legacy that would be remembered after she’s gone, so her answer would vary as long as that wish of hers is fulfilled before she dies.

WYCR be abused or be the abusive one?


Nicole’s already abused, but she wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. So she’d have a hard time choosing. Colin’s already abusive, so that would be easy. No one would be able to choose properly, other than Colin and Tanya.

WYCR be mentally or verbally abused?


Verbal abuse often leads to mental abuse, because it takes an emotional toll on the person if they take the verbal insults personally. Ravenna wouldn’t choose either, but she’d handle the mental abuse without complaint. Richard is already abusing her mentally anyway, even if neither of them realize it. Winston already suffers from both and they both tie in with his low self esteem. He’d take either, because he already has both. Griffin would choose mental abuse, because it’s easier for him to suck that up than verbal abuse. Draven would take verbal abuse, because he would be able to train himself not to take it personally.

WYCR be physically abused or sexually abused? (Both awful, awful things.)


Exactly. I hate to say it, but Nicole’s suffered all kinds of abuse (Colin’s never been good to her. I can’t tell you the amount of times Colin has dragged her to a room, and… yeah). Dom would probably be physically abused, and Elena too.

WYCR hang out with Dom or Elena?


I feel like I don’t know the characters that well yet, because I’ve never met them officially. But Winston would hang out with whoever wouldn’t judge him by his reputation. Griffin would hang out with Dom. Ravenna and Draven, probably neither.

WYCR lose their favorite, high paying job or lose their car?


Dom and Elena already have high paying jobs (Elena’s a financial accountant, and Dom’s a software programmer.) So they’d probably lose their car. Robert too. He never told Tanya, but he has a large fund in the bank locked up somewhere that he never told Tanya, but he told his kids. Tanya would’ve burnt through the money so quickly.

WYCR do geometry or algebra?


Algebra for Ravenna and Draven. Probably geometry for Winston and Griffin, although both would quit math in general if they could.

WYCR watch a crime show or a rom-com?


Nicole’s really interested in the criminal field, so she’d watch a crime show. Elena would watch a rom-com (she loves those so much). Dom wouldn’t care.

WYCR donate their hair or get a tattoo?


Ooooh, what a cool coincidence. I was just writing a chapter where it’s explained about why Ravenna values her hair so much (not done with the chapter yet, but almost there). She would not get a tattoo ever, so she’d (painfully and reluctantly) donate some of her hair if she decides to cut it. Winston would donate his hair. And I think everyone else would too. Tattoos are too permanent for them to commit to.

WYCR be home schooled or go to private school?


Matteo would rather go to a private school. He’d make friends there, and he’d feel really rich and would have an excuse to act like Draco Malfoy.

WYCR be ugly but loved by everyone or be pretty but hated by everyone?


:joy::joy: Ravenna is already very pretty and hated by everyone and honestly, she couldn’t have it any other way.

WYCR be ugly, but rich or beautiful, but normal?


Matteo knows he can’t quite achieve “normal”, so he’d have to go with ugly and rich.

WYCR be stuck on a desert island alone with no tools to get off/call for help, or be stuck with the person they hate the most, but have tools to survive/get off/call for help?