Would Your Character Rather...



Stuck with the person she hates. She can deal with him. After all, she chooses to willingly deal with him everyday, even though he makes her blood boil.

WYCR be tortured to death and die after at least 4 hours or watch someone they love be tortured to death in 5 minutes and not be able to do anything about it?


Literally all of my characters have a strong death wish, so they’d all leap for the chance to die and end up arguing over who gets to die.

WYCR always be really late or always be really early?


Always really early. Ravenna cannot stand to be late. She’s usually early to most events.

WYCR own a horse or a dog?


Matteo’s an ass so he’d say horse, and then when he actually gets one shxt himself from not knowing what to do with it. Linden’s totally a dog person. Holt wouldn’t want to own any kind of animal, so neither.

WYCR fight a duck-sized bear or a bear-sized duck?


Lmao Nicole likes bears, so she’d do the duck sized bear. Haha oh gosh.

WYCR go to jail or Hell? (they’re practically the same thing)


Holt would rather go to jail, whereas Linden would rather take a field trip to Hell. For Matteo, it depends on where the food and Wi-Fi reception is better.

WYCR see/know when they will die but be unable to tell anyone else (they can’t see/know either), or see/know when everyone else will die but not themselves?


Wren wouldn’t care less about when everyone else will die, she would just see it as useless information. Wren would definitely love to see when she would die because she knows the risk factors of her hobbies and is prepared for the worst to happen.

WYCR live without their phone or live without Wi Fi?


Live without their phone. An iPad mini works too.

WYCR never see a human being again or be forced to socialize 16 hours a day?


If she gets to choose who to socialize with, then she’d choose socialization.

WYCR have the power to control people or the power to control time?


Definitivamente poder para controlar el tiempo

¿Tu personaje preferiría morir durante un terremoto o morir despues del terremoto por falta de oxigeno?


Oooh, that’s a tough question. I think she’d rather die in the earthquake than to die after the earthquake, because if she died after, then she would still see the ruins and everyone’s corpses and all. She’s gonna die either way, so she’d rather die during the earthquake than to die in the aftermath.

WYCR control fire or water?


Controlar el agua. Poque al fuego lo puede detener el agua asi que seria mejor

¿Tu personaje escogeria ser buena en la ciencia o en el deporte


Science. Ravenna hates sports.

WYCR own a dog or a cat?


Posee Perro

¿Tu personaje escogeria ganar un Premio Oscar o un Premio Nobel


Nobel. Because it’s a broader achievement than an Oscar.

WYCR happily marry young but have it end in tragedy or marry old, but regret it until their death bed?


My character would rather marry young but have it end in tragedy.

WYCR have the ability of reading people’s minds or the ability to fly?


Reading people’s minds. He has a need to be liked and that would help him in that pursuit.

WYCR own a goldfish or a very interactive(loud and needs attention) bird?


The bird sounds like his brother. He’d take the goldfish.

WYCR let someone die to safe theirself or let theirself die to save someone else?


At the start, he’d think he’d do the first but it would depend on the person. In the middle and end, he’d do the latter.

WYCR put a hurt animal down or spend lots of money to have it saved?


Put a hurt animal down. They don’t deserve to suffer. Linden would want to spend lots of money to have it saved, but in the end would go with having it put down if that was the best option for it.

WYCR eat chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?