Would Your Character Rather...



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¿Tu personaje escoge vivir por siempre pero siendo el único ser humano en el mundo o vivir solo 5 años conociendo a muchas personas?


She would rather live 5 years knowing many people than to live forever and be the only human on Earth. Because what’s the point of life if there is no one to interact with.

WYCR go to college and pay debts later or go straight to work, but with no degrees and only a high school diploma?


Kai would rather go to college and pay debt because she believes college is the only way to get a good job.

WYCR date an ugly person and be madly in love with them or date the most attractive person in the world but not have any connection with them ?


If you’re madly in love with someone, you’re likely to think they’re beautiful no matter what, so he’d take that.

WYCR live in a house infested with mice or infested with roaches?


Oooh, its a hard one. Mice, she can see them better. She’s likely to want to stomp on roaches or swat at them, and then she’d feel guilty if she did.

WYCR Never speak to their second favourite family member ever again, or never experience love in the intimate sense?


Never experience love in the intimate sense. She tries not to feel emotions all together, much less a strong emotional connection to another human being. She thinks emotions and feelings are stupid, because they prevent you from doing what’s smart, so once you set your feelings aside, only your brain counts, not your heart. She’s even convinced herself that love isn’t real.

WYCR never see the person they love the most ever again (zero communication) or never be able to walk out of their house ever again (people can visit them)?


Negito would pick to never leave the house again. Most of the time, trouble finds him outside of the palace, so he’d be safer indoors! (And there’s the added bonus of not interacting with strangers. :+1: )

WYCR be stuck in a horror game where you can’t fight back but you can run, or a horror movie where you can fight back, but the weapons are regular things you’d find in a normal person’s house? (Example: Knives, forks, frying pans, etc.)


Horror movie where you can fight back. Just hope that the murderer is an amateur.

WYCR have the sun turn into a blue star (they all die) or have the sun turn into a red star (they all die)? (They can move to different planets).


My Character, Daniel Arthur, would choose the second option where they can move to another planets because he cares about people’s lives more than he should.

WYCR put themselves in a very complicated love triangle for the sake of their loved ones, or just get themselves out of the whole relationship with a broken heart, also for the sake of their loved ones?


Linden and Holt already have themselves stuck in a situation like the latter (getting out of the relationship with a broken heart and guilty feelings), so although it’s not ideal, they’d go with that. Matteo, on the other hand, is also in a situation like the former (complicated love triangle), so he’d go with that, even though he knows he’s not only hurting himself but the other two.

WYCR fight with a gun or a sword?


(Most of my OCs already fight with guns or swords, but-) Peter would prefer to fight with a sword. He’s not much of a fighter, but he could get the hang of that easier than a gun.

WYCR fight with a slingshot or a blow dart?


All three shouldn’t be trusted with weapons in the first place, but they’d have to go with slingshots - a blow dart won’t get anything done besides a TON of sexual jokes and innuendos.

WYCR wear a tux or a dress?


Ravenna, a dress. All the guys a tux.

WYCR trip down the stairs or trip on their way up the stairs?


Jasmine would rather trip up the stairs. If she tripped down the stairs, it would be a hard fall. Tripping up wouldn’t hurt as much. Jasmine has had enough physical and emotional pain.

WWCR do something illegal or fight to make something legal?


Depends. Winston would willingly do something illegal, he’s done it plenty of times. Ravenna wouldn’t waste her time fighting to make something legal when she herself believes that she has every right to do it. So she’d do something illegal, depending on what degree of “illegal” it is on.

WYCR embarass themselves in front of their crush or their enemy?


Her enemy. None of my characters care what their enemies think. If it were Jules or Porter, violence would ensue. If it were Avery, it could go one of two ways: strategic conversing; or violence.

WYCR face their fears, or have their location and video surveillance of them from every second of the last 48hrs revealed to the world?


Ravenna’s fear is something permanent, not something you can face like a fear of heights. It’s a fear of losing her reputation, of being a disappointment, of losing everything she’s worked so hard for her entire life. So if she does face her fear, then she loses everything. If she had video surveillance for the last 48 hours, that would also help ruin her reputation and even contribute to her fear stated above. So I guess the video surveillance, because it would ruin her a bit, but it won’t be as bad as losing everything she has.

WYCR marry their abusive ex or be forced to marry a random stranger they know nothing about?


Marry a random stranger and get to know the person eventually. But yeah, they would freak out at first/murder that person for some of my characters.

WYCR do algebra without using a calculator or read the entire dictionary within a week?


Dictionary. You never said she couldn’t skim the words. :smirk:

WYCR get a large tattoo they regret or not be able to leave their house for 2 weeks?


Not be able to leave the house for two weeks. He can still have people over and that’s all he cares about.

WYCR get violently mugged on the street for whatever money they carry on them or have their bank account hacked, and completely drained?