Would Your Character Rather...



Get mugged on the street.

Because if you’re part of a terrorist group then you’re probably going to know how to fight.

WYCR get hit by a bus and die a painful death or get crushed by an elephant and die a painful death? (Sorry, they’re both painful)


A bus, because it’ll be a faster death than getting crushed by an elephant.

WYCR die via rolling in large, puncturing spikes or die in a pit filled with poisonous snakes? (Both slow deaths.)



The pit of snakes. Thurber lives in a world where most animals are non-existent. He has read about them in old books, but has not seen nearly any in person. He’s fascinated by them, so I think he’d choose the snakes.

WYCR grow too much hair everywhere or lose all their hair (ALL hair including eyebrows, lashes, etc.)?


Grow too much hair

WYCR rather go to a party or read a book ?


Depends on the party and who’s going to be there. If it’s a standard house party, then she’s choose a book. If it’s a business party with her father and his collegues, then she’s going, no doubt.

WYCR never be able to eat their favorite food again or never be able to do their favorite hobby ever again?


Never eat his favorite food again. That’s sad, but not as much as not being able to create machines.

WYCR sing in front of a crowd or make a speech in front of a crowd?


Speech 100%. A speech wouldn’t faze Ravenna, in fact, it might even excite her. But she would never sing in front of people, because she doesn’t even sing by herself to begin with.

WYCR lose both a best friend and a potential lover (can be the same person and by lose, I do not mean death) or lose their car?


He doesn’t have a car but he’d choose that one even if he did.

WYCR only be able to communicate with people by texts or only be able to communicate with people by American Sign Language?


By text, because they can still see people in person too. It’s just that they’d have to text the words they want to say.

WYCR own a hamster or a bird?


A hamster. He loves hamsters, much to Manuel’s distain.

WYCR spend a full day in the waiting room of a veterinary office or a hospital?


She’d hate both. She hates waiting rooms. But I guess if she had to choose, she’d choose the veterinary office, because hospitals are way too chaotic and full of dying patients.

WYCR live in the city or the suburbs?


Well, people aren’t really allowed to live in the city. Rural areas are destroyed, so they’re only really left with aiming to live in the suburbs. In the real world, Avery couldn’t choose. Loves the city for the career perspectives, night life and the view. Loves the suburbs for the fresh air, woods and stars. Typical Avery, she has two conflicting sides.

Would your character rather alcohol or dessert?


Depends on the dessert. On some days, Winston would prefer alcohol (err, most days). Cain would choose alcohol 100%. Ravenna would choose dessert 10p%. Griffin would choose dessert 18288228288%.

WYCR live alone or with family?


Avery would rather live alone. She would enjoy rearranging the house, perhaps a library would suffice. Though, she does love living with her brother (for now), and she could enjoy living with her bestie.

WYCR a needy partner, or a demanding partner?


Ravenna would prefer needy over demanding, because she doesn’t take sh*t from anyone, much less a partner. She always likes being in control, so a controlling partner would only equal a destructive relationship. She’s usually the controlling one who makes all the decisions in a relationship. (But despite her disliking controlling, manipulative partners, she does have a thing for Maurice, a guy who’s very manipulative and controlling towards his “girlfriends” in the past. But I think she likes the thought of him more than she likes the reality of a relationship with him.)

WYCR be told/demanded on what to do or make their own decision, even when they’re uncertain?


Make her own decision. Avery hates to be rushed and she likes to be sure of herself. She really appreciates other peoples opinions though, and she a strong ability to ignore their demanding nature and only absorb their opinion. She would laugh silently on the inside if someone thought that they could tell her what to believe, say or do. She’d probably let them think they could too, for a while.

WYCR attend school or work?


Ravenna does really well in school, but she doesn’t work. But depends on what the job is too. Since she’s a student, she’s more likely to have a small part-time job. It really depends, because some jobs have longer or shorter hours than school and the job itself matters too. But I think she’d rather go to a part-time job, because it’s probably easier than using her brain for 7 hours of academics.

WYCR go to college or go straight to doing work?


If she had a choice, Avery would rather go to college. She love learning and absorbs as much knowledge as she can. It’s her way of living; of traveling a world that no longer exists. Unfortunately for her, in Avery’s world, they are expected to develop the skills they need for employment by the time they turn 17.

WYCR to never travel outside their local town, or never watch tv?


Never watch TV. So they can experience all those things outside their local town.

WYCR never own a phone or never own a computer?


I feel like with the phones these days, all my characters would say phone. But then half of them would need the computer for the extra storage of files. I’ll say own a phone not a computer.

WYCR watch horror movies or romantic comedy?