Would Your Character Rather...



Ravenna hates both, but she’d prefer horror movies, because they don’t faze her. She’s lowkey disgusted by rom-coms and doesn’t even believe that love is real.

WYCR own a dog or a cat?


A dog. Too bad for him it actually ended up being an alien.

WYCR spend the day doing nothing or spend the day with a tight, jam packed schedule?


Tight, jam-packed schedule, because she’s used to that and honestly doesn’t mind it, unless it happens too frequently.

WYCR be underestimated or overestimated?


Vega would rather be underestimated. He is a military commander and strategist. He uses every advantage he has in order to bring the end of the war closer and closer.

WYCR be sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit, or let a friend take their place in order to save someone’s life?


Ravenna would use a friend to take her place. Winston would do the opposite and would choose to go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit (for multiple personal reasons).

WYCR be in a toxic relationship with someone they love or be in a relationship with someone they don’t care about?


Hmmm… Nicole would choose the first one, because she doesn’t really care about Colin. Okay, maybe she does a tad , but not a lot considering everything he’s done to her. Dom and Elena would do the second option. Robert himself was already in the second option with Tanya, so he’d do the first option.

WYCR do belly dancing or yoga?


Definitely Yoga. Avery loves, and needs a good stretch.

WYCR play sport or watch sport?


He’d choose either and then make the people around him regret it.

WYCR rather take care of their lawn themselves or pay someone to do it?


Pay someone to do it, of course. I think Richard is already paying someone to do it. Ravenna wouldn’t mow the lawn even to save her life.

WYCR drown, but not die or be the one watching someone else drown and not be able to do anything about it? (Or say anything about it either)


Watching someone else drown. You never said who it was, and it’ll probably be pretty easy if it were a total stranger.

WYCR burn to death or burn a loved one to death?


Burn a loved one to death. It’ll haunt her for a long time, though.

WYCR kill +100 people in an accidental fire or physically kill 5 people with their bare hands?


Oh neither. Nicole hates pain and death that way, considering she suffered the first option many times, and feared that the second option would happen to her anyday because of Colin. I think Colin would kill with his bare hands. Dom and Elena would kill hundreds in a fire.

WYCR use a gun or a knife as their weapon for murder?


A gun for all of them. A gun is easier to kill, because you just shoot. A knife requires strength for stabbing, slashing, etc. In other words, it would be both messy, difficult, and more traumitizing, because it’s a hands-on murder. And they might accidentally get hurt themselves if the person fights back. The gun is quick and cleaner.

WYCR look for a needle in a haystack or a phone in the ocean?


Needle in a haystack. Ocean is way too large. Needle in a haystack is easier.

WYCR cookies or cupcakes?


I feel like Ravenna would prefer cupcakes, even though she loves chocolate cookies. Winston, cookies. Griffin, anything and everything. Draven, he’d just stay healthy and choose neither. Lol.

WYCR eat chocolate or vanilla ice cream?


Nicole’s a total chocoholic. Chocolate ice cream. Dom and Elena: it’s ice cream. GIMME!

WYCR learn your mother tongue or learn Finnish?


Finnish. Because Viet’s accent and pronounciation of words is just so foreign and hard for someone who didn’t learn it from a young age. Heck, I have a ton of Viet friends who are surrounded by Viet family members and they can understand and speak the language and all, but their accent is still off. If a Viet person can’t even pronounce things correctly, it would be extremely hard for someone who’s new to the language.

WYCR be bullied socially or verbally?


Hmm. She is bullied, to some degree. her biggest issue is in not understanding why. She couldn’t care less about their opinions, she just doesn’t understand why they have an issue with her at all. She has no issue standing up for herself either. I’d say verbal, she’d just flip them the bird or throw something at them.

WYCR be a nude model, or a mascot for the local diner?


He wouldn’t be a nude model because that would be concerning. He’s not even fifteen yet. He would be fine with being a mascot though. People love, and love to hate, mascots! That’s right up his ally.

WYCR never be able to buy properly fitting shoes or never be able to buy properly fitting pants?


Never be able to buy properly fitting shoes. She could get away with boots a size too big. Pants on the other hand… she’d rather not show too much every time she bends over.

WYCR Karaoke or dancing?