Would Your Character Rather...



Dancing, never singing, wren has a voice of a wet fart.

WYCR be accidentally responsible for the death of a child or accidentally responsible for the death of 2 adults?


The death of two adults, because they at least got to live for decades. They would not be able to live with themselves if they took the life of a child.

WYCR be rich, but depressed or poor, but content with their life?


Avery would rather be poor and content. Prior to the book though, she could never imagine a life but one where she was a part of the mainstream society. You were either an equal class citizen, or you were homeless.

WYCR go to jail for a year, or not talk to anyone for ten years?


Oooooh, that’s a hard one. Ravenna has too much pride for jail and she has too much to lose. She’d rather not talk to anyone. Winston would gladly go to jail. Griffin would also take jail, because the day he stops socializing is the day he dies.

WYCR get in trouble for something they didn’t do or have a friend blamed for something they did? (And they can’t say or do anything about it.)


Avery would rather take the blame, she’s super protective of her friends. She’s also very strong minded, doesn’t care what people think about her, so long as she accomplishes what she has her mind set on.

WYCR give themselves up and deal with the problem / consequence head on, or stay on the run with friends even though it puts their life in danger?


He believed he would do the first but he actually ended up doing the latter. Except he didn’t run with friends, though his friends and family were in danger back home if he didn’t.

WYCR have a well paying job that they don’t like or a bad paying job they love?


The job she loves and wants is high-paying. XD I guess if she had to choose between those two options though, she’d pick the well-paid job that she doesn’t like, because she needs to contribute to that family money.

WYCR lose all their true friends or gain a ton of friends, but they’re all fake?


If she could keep all her true friends and gain a ton of fake friends shed totally do that. She’s not had friends before now, so she’s happy to deal with both the good and bad, it’s all an experience to her. Don’t think she’d be happy to lose the friendships she has made now though.

WYCR never celebrate their own birthday again, or never celebrate Christmas again?


She gets gifts either way (her favorite part of both holidays), but when it’s Christmas, things will be on sale for her shopping spree, while on her birthday, prices will be the same. Not that she cares about the prices, though. I feel like she’d rather continue celebrating her birthday, because the attention is all on her, while on Christmas, it’s a gathering of a lot of people. Ravenna likes feeling special.

WYCR never be able to see their loved one in person ever again or never be able to see or walk out into the sun ever again?


Ooh. It depends on which ‘loved one’. If it was a family member, she’d rather spend time in the sun chatting to them over palmscreens and projectors. If it was Porter, she’d prefer to be home bound during the day.

WYCR do things they will regret (such as shank someone in prison) so that they take the target / suspicion of their back, or get hassled, beaten and surveilled (this may just be an attempt at surveillance) all the time?- Think of a situation such as being undercover in a gang, or in prison.


Ravenna would choose the first option, because she would not want to get hassled, beaten, or surveilled 24/7, lol.

WYCR eat their favorite food for a week until they get sick of it or eat a food they don’t like for an entire day?


Lily would probably eat her favorite for for a week. She’s not a super picky eater but what she doesn’t like, she doesn’t like.

WYCR walk up to their crush and confess their love or have their best friend do it for them?


Ooof, Ravenna doesn’t believe in love, so I can’t answer with her. :joy: Winston would have his best friend do it, because Cain would probably still do it even if he asked him not to. Griffin would be conflicted, before finally deciding to do it himself. Draven wouldn’t confess at all.

WYCR go to school or go to work?


Hmm. Avery is tricky. She’d prefer school than a job that she doesn’t really like, however, she is itching to gain employment in her chosen field. Porter loves his work.

WYCR win the lottery, or be gifted half the amount of money based on their merits?


This choice should be easy for Ravenna, but she’d hate both options. Because winning the lottery isn’t earning money; it’s winning it. And she’d rather earn than win. But half the money based on merits? She would also hate that. I guess the girl would rather get the second option, not that she’d like it very much.

WYCR live in an apartment or live in a trailer home?


Lily would definitely go for an apartment. There’s no room for a piano in a trailer home. But she would rather go for a house, because then she could be a baby grand.

WYCR die without fulfilling their life’s goals or be incapable of dying at all?


Ha ha ha! Btw @RavensOfOld is today a special day for you? :partying_face: Not sure how the time differences work. They’d all rather an apartment, which is odd given the noise and lack of privacy. Apartments tend to have a better location, and a trailer is too small for them all to crash.

Would your character rather 6 bedrooms and one bathroom, or one bedroom with two bathrooms (one for themselves).

Oh, sorry @Ekstella Avery would rather be incapable of dying, she has an important role to play.


One bedroom with two bathrooms (is it February 25th for you? If it is, then it’s her birthday :slight_smile: )

WYCR listen to Austin Mahone or Justin Bieber? (also, if that’s you in your profile pic, you’re very pretty!)


Aww thanks @SVTSwrites . Yes, it’s the 25th here, 11am. Happy Birthday @RavensOfOld I’ve not heard of Austin Mahone, but Avery has an eclectic taste. She will listen to anything depending on her mood. It can’t be loud if she is frustrated.

Would your character prefer to always eat alone, or to always eat at a table of ten?


Table of ten. Nicole’s family is large from her mom’s side, so nothing would be anything different. (are you in Australia?)

WYCR eat Indian or Italian food?