Would Your Character Rather...



@SVTSwrites @JessicaKipping Thank you, guys! Where I’m at, it’s February 24th and it’s my birthday tomorrow. My time zone is a bit different. And Winston loves Italian food, so he’d choose that. He’d totally be down for Indian food though, because come on, it’s food. Ravenna isn’t the type who likes trying new things, so she’ll stick with the familiarity of Italian food. Griffin would take both and mix it into Griffish food. Draven would try Indian, because he likes trying new things.

WYCR get a drunken tattoo that they regret or be stuck with an extremely toxic friend that they can’t escape from?


Tattoos can be removed, so they’d all get tattoos. Nicole’s dealt with toxic friends, so she wouldn’t want option 2.

WYCR read chicklit or science fiction? (I ask as I’m planning out a science fiction novel)


@STVSwrites Yes! I’m in Australia. @RavensOfOld , no harm in being celebrated early :rofl::rofl:

Hmm. She’d rather chick-lit. I think. She’d probably try and work on her social skills by reading it. Uh Oh.

Would your character rather be abducted by aliens, or abducted by a wizard?


Probably aliens, because she could use her magical abilities to escape, whereas a wizard might be able to counter.

WYCR find their soulmate, who dies a few years later, or never find love at all?


Never find love at all. It’ll be easier on them.

WYCR never find friends or have one good friend that betrays them?


Avery would rather one good friend that betrays her. She’d learn so much from it, love and resilience above all.

Would your character rather be evicted from home, or evicted from their friend group?


Even though Ravenna is the leader of her clique, she would care more about losing her reputation than losing her so called “friends”. But if she got kicked out of her own home by her father… Oh, man, I don’t even want to know how she’d react to that… Her purpose for life would be destroyed. So definitely the first option.

WYCR own a dog or a cat?


Lily would probably prefer a cat. She’s the type of introvert who would want an introverted animal.

WYCR a cozy blanket and cup of tea on a rainy day or a walk through the park in beautiful sunshine?


Oooooh, Ravenna would like both, but she’d only choose the second option if she’s alone and not a lot of people are there. She likes her peace and quiet. She’d choose the first option if tea was replaced with hot chocolate.

WYCR go blind or go deaf?


Lily would rather go blind. She can learn to play piano that way, but wouldn’t be able to stand not being able to hear the music. Kale wouldn’t care. Nicole would definitely rather be deaf, because navigating the world in a wheelchair blind would be a bit difficult…

WYCR spend their money on books or weapons?


Books! Ravenna loves good, complex books (which is why she likes classics, because they’re deep and make the reader really think. She adores books and movies and activities that exercise her brain and analytical skills).

WYCR spend their time reading or writing?


(Oh, hello, Ravenna! You and I would get along well. I will nerd out over classics with you for days).

Reading! She likes the thick biographies.

WYCR read historical romance or fantasy?


Lol. I wouldn’t suggest befriending Ravenna. :joy::joy: She’s a bit… Err…rude is the easiest term to describe her, lol. Ravenna doesn’t believe in love, so historical romance is out of the question. Fantasy isn’t her style, but it would be better for her than historical romance.

WYCR read contemporary YA or Historical Fiction?


Lily isn’t a fan of either, but she’d probably go for historical fiction if forced to choose. Nicole is both a YA connoisseur and a Shakespeare nerd so… Both?

WYCR read Bronte or Dickens?


Dickens, just because Bronte isn’t her type and I’m sure Ravenna’s read most of Dicken’s books.

WYCR eat turkey or chicken?


Chicken. It’s more versatile?

WYCR shave their eyebrows off or wear nose hair extensions for a month?


Aw, man, those exist? :joy::joy: I guess Winston and Griffin would choose to shave off their eyebrows, because they can draw them in until they grow back. Ravenna would run from having to make that choice.

WYCR embarass themselves in front of their crush or their worst enemy?


Definitely crush. For all of them. They are forced to become politicians, and must remain dignified in front of their enemies.

WYCR have their phone taken away or not be allowed to go out with friends as a punishment?


Back during 2006, people weren’t as attached to their phones as they are now. So she’d rather have her phone taken away. It’s her last form of entertainment. But not being to go out anywhere whenever she wanted… That would be prison for her.

WYCR never be able to walk again or never be able to walk out into the sunlight again?


I mean, Nicole already can’t walk, so… Lily appreciates her sunlight, so she’d rather go for being a wheelchair buddy with Nicole, lol.

WYCR swim or run as a form of excersize