Would Your Character Rather...



Oh, man, I don’t think I’ve ever told you that if there is anything that Ravenna hates, it’s physical exercise. Oh, she’d rather rot in a ditch than to exercise. She’d rather swim though, because she hates running. I mean, she hates swimming as a sport too, but it’s probably more tolerable for her, since it’s in the water and not a land activity. Griffin is already a track runner, so definitely running for him.

WYCR study History or Science?


For Lily and Nicole, definitely history. Kale really enjoys a bit of science.

WYCR eat liver or a maraschino cherry?


Probably a maraschino cherry, because I don’t think they’d be able to tolerate knowing that they ate liver.

WYCR never know the ending of a book series they love or make up an uncanon ending that has been widely accepted by fans, but is not the real ending? (Either way, the real ending will never be known/completed.)


Nicole would definitely go for the noncanon ending. Lily would spend her whole life wondering. I’m not sure about Kale.

WYCR spend their life without books or without money?


Without books. He hasn’t been able to sit down to read in a while anyway.

WYCR try to talk a problem out or get violent?


Talk it out. She doesn’t do violence…err… Not the physical type, at least…

WYCR choose defeat or submission?


Nicole would definitely choose defeat. Lily and Kale would go for submission.

WYCR die in a car crash on impact, or of old age?


Ravenna, old age, because she wants to live long enough to leave behind a legacy. I think they all want to die of old age, except Winston. He’d want to die sooner than that.

WYCR freeze to death or burn to death?


I think they’d probably all rather freeze.

WYCR be betrayed or betray?


Betray, 103948488484%. Ravenna would not tolerate being betrayed. It would shake her core foundation.

WYCR be killed or be the killer?


Nicole would probably rather be the killer, unless it’s one of her friends. She would 1000% rather have a friend kill her than kill her friend. Kale would rather be killed. Lily would (in true Lily fashion) try to get out of the entire situation.

WYCR have their grandmother live with them or put the grandmother in a nursing home?


Ravenna’s never met her grandmother on either side of the family. But if she did, she’d be willing to allow her grandmother to live with the family, as long as her mother takes care of her instead. She does not want any responsibility over another person.

WYCR rather attend private school or be homeschooled?


Nicole and Lily would probably rather private school. Kale would 100% rather be homeschooled.

WYCR travel to a fantasy world or another planet?


Another planet. Ravenna would not survive in a fantasy world, unless it was like Game of Thrones or something, because she’d use her brain to wiggle her way around politics.

WYCR be forced into an arranged marriage with a stranger they already dislike or be forced to stay in a toxic relationship?


Forced into an arranged marriage. Lily has no tolerance for toxic relationships or toxic people.

WYCR be broken up with over text or in person?


Honestly, I feel like it would matter more to Ravenna if it were in person, but at the same time, that would mean she’d have to conceal her reaction/shock and act like it’s no big deal. So texting would allow her not to act and she can just respond without body language. So text.

WYCR find out that the person they were in a relationship with was playing with them the entire time or find out that the love feeling was genuinely mutual, but the partner still cheated anyway?


Lily would probably rather find out she was played. Knowing it was genuine would make it more of a betrayal.
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WYCR marathon all the Lord of the Rings movies or have a Star Trek binge session?


Goodnight! Farewell! Definitely LotR for Ravenna, even though she was never a fantasy girl. Same for Draven.

WYCR eat an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting or drink 5 water bottles in one-sitting?


The ice cream! Unless you mean a bathtub, then they’d choose the water.

WYCR care for a beautiful plant with the utmost care for 20 years or care for a bunch of ugly plants that don’t need a lot of care for 20 years? (Yes, you need to get a plant and yes, they will be sitting on the character’s windowsill).


A beautiful plant. If they’re gonna keep a plant on their windowsill for 20 years, may as well make an effort to make it look nice.

WYCR always be sticky or always be itchy? (Everywhere for both options.)