Would Your Character Rather...



Oh yikes. That sounds horrible. I think they’d always be sticky. Itchy is something they’d never want to do.

WYCR be a porn star or a stripper?


Hm… Ravenna has too much pride for either. She’d rather just not work at all if those were her only two options. I guess Winston would rather be a porn star, because the thought of stripping for other people disgusts him. Griffin and Draven would dash after Ravenna.

WYCR have a lover break up over text or find out that they’re getting dumped through the lover’s best friend?


Nicole would rather have someone do it to her personally, so the second option. Elena would rather do it over text, so that she can block the guy and whatnot. Both options would be too painful for Dom.

WYCR have Nicole or Elena as a sibling?


Ravenna wants no siblings and is very happy that she’s Richard’s only child. Winston would honestly take any sibling that would be his best friend and emotional support. Griffin would want Elena, because she reminds me of Sonia and Griffin would love either of their personalities. Draven, much like Ravenna, is very content being the only child.

WYCR have Richard as a dad or Winston’s mother as their mom?


Wow… that’s a hard question. Ah this is my payback for earlier :joy: . I think the Wilson siblings would have Winston’s mom, because Tanya is just like that. It wouldn’t be any different. I think Colin has a father similar to Richard, so he’d have Richard as his father.

WYCR have Mark as their boyfriend or Nicole as their sister?


Oh, man. Mark seems really nice, but that’s all I know about him. Ravenna isn’t into nice guys, which you’ll learn soon enough. All the guys she’s ever dated were somewhere on the “jerk” scale. Ravenna would dash from both options. Daphne would wanna date Mark, because she loves good guys. Winston would want Nicole as a sister, because he needs someone in his family that loves him and he loves in return (without resenting them). Griffin wants more friends, so Nicole as a sister. He’s kinda lonely at home, which sucks for him, since he’s an extreme extrovert. Draven is straight (at least I think he is) and wouldn’t mind having a sibling.

WYCR have Ravenna or Maurice as a girlfriend/boyfriend? (Assuming that the characters’ sexualitlies didn’t matter and only personality does in this case.)


Ohoho. Wow. That’s setting the bar lower than my GPA cries to self . Nah just kidding. But in terms of your question, I think Nicole would have Maurice as a boyfriend, as she’s dealt with abusive pricks in many ways (ahem Colin). Elena would have both so that she could slap them both (assuming she doesn’t die in the process). Dom would have Ravenna as a girlfriend.

WYCR have Draven’s honesty or Griffin’s quirkiness?


Awww. Ravenna wants to be like Draven in terms of honesty. Winston also wants his honesty. No one would want Griffin’s quirkiness, because that’s what makes him Griffin. :blush: And they respect that.

WYCR have Elena’s feistiness or Robert’s wisdom? (Gtg. Goodnight!)


(night!) Robert’s wisdom. Definitely. They all value it more than anything.

WYCR watch 50 shades of Grey or Twilight?


Avery would rather watch Twilight. being inexperienced, she’d rather watch a teen love story over an adult love story.

WYCR watch reality tv or a soapie?


Tyr would rather watch Reality TV for the joke that is … well it.

Would your character rather
A) Take a 20 question Math quiz they have only 10 minutes to finish
B) Do a rock climbing challenge and can’t leave till they ring the bell at the top.


The math quiz. Because she has nothing to lose if she doesn’t finish. And she hates rock-climbing. And physical activities.

WYCR lose all their materialistic assets (house and money included) or lose one family member?


Avery, Porter and Kat would all prefer to lose their assets. Jules would definitely prefer to lose a family member or two.

WYCR The ocean or the pool? Why?


Ravenna would have a hard time choosing, but she’d ultimately choose the pool, because it’s safer. Winston wouldn’t care, but I think he’s too lazy to go to the beach when he could just jump into a nearby pool. He’d prefer the ocean, but he’s too lazy for it. Griffin, ocean, definitely. Draven would just sit on the sand of the beach (or the edge of the pool) and read, so he’s neutral.

WYCR find true love that lasts until their death or find 10 million dollars?


Avery would prefer true love because it was her parents that made each other happy, not their home or other assets. Porter would also rather true love, simply because he is 100% a believer in true love. Jules couldn’t give two shits either way, she loves herself enough to be happy, and she is perfectly fine without money. Kat would rather the money, she loves her friends, that (and a few dates :wink:) is enough for her.

WYCR a blind date to a school formal, or no date to a school formal?


No date. Ravenna would rather go alone than to go with someone who she doesn’t consider worthy (and trust me, her standards are ridiculously high).

WYCR poop bricks or puke slugs?


Lol. I seen that from Ravenna. I’m curious what the boys would choose? :thinking: Umm. I’m gonna have to say they’d all rather puke slugs. Don’t ask me why. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

WYCR buried alive or hung upside down from a tree until they die?


They both sound hellish. I think Nicole would be hung from a tree. Dom and Elena would be buried alive

WYCR be a drug addict or an alcoholic?


Wren would be an alcoholic thanks to her great role model of a coach who is a 24/7 drinker

WYCR have three brothers or three sisters


Hm. Nicole has a brother and a sister, so she wouldn’t be able to choose. Dom already has two sisters, so three wouldn’t be much of a difference. Colin would have three sisters

WYCR have 10 dogs or 10 cats?