Would Your Character Rather...



I don’t know, but I feel like he would be okay with being ugly but a good singer. He’s only ‘okay’ at everything so being good at something would be nice. And people seem to hold beautiful people to higher standards. People will hate them for their looks or treat them like gods. Being ugly gives him a kind of even field. lol.

WYCR have no heat&no running water OR no internet?


He already has none of those. I still haven’t decided what time period he lives in, but there aren’t any of those things yet.

WYCR have in inability to jump or the inability to run?


The inability to jump. She has a lot of investigating to do and not being able to run would be too disadvantageous.

WYCR throw up on their boss or their date?


Probably his boss, but he doesn’t have a boss… or a job… even if he threw up on his date (girlfriend), she would be more worried about him throwing up than anything.

WYCR lose their hearing or their sight?


Red would rather lose her sight. Hearing could make up for it.

WYCR sing happy birthday in front of a crowd or dance in front of a crowd?


SING SING SING OH MY GOSH. Sophia CANNOT dance to save her life, so she’d sing. I think Ray would sing if he didn’t sound like a dying cow. He’s a good slow dancer, just not a great solo dancer. Victoria wouldn’t dance either.

WYCR paint or draw?


Draw. Jane’s not really one for colour.

WYCR have to live in Europe or America?


Neither if it were forced upon him, but I suppose he would go for Europe.

WYCR stage a flash mob and have huge success or made to dance in a low budget recital?


Stage a flash mob and have a huge success.

WYCR be able to use magic or be able to use alchemy? If you don’t know the difference you can try to search it up? I don’t quite know the difference myself, but everyone says that there’s a huge difference.


Gyl would want to use alchemy, He doesn’t like to be flashy and it seems that Alchemy seems more dynamic.

WYCR get $1.000.000 now, or get $10.000 monthly?


Maybe 10k monthly.

WYCR have unlimited food and not get fat or have unlimited money and never have to work?


Huxley would go for food; he could sell it, which covers the money, and so never have to work. Jane would also take the food, but because she just likes food.

WYCR be vegan or only ever eat meat?


I’m pretty sure all of my characters would rather be vegan. I’m pretty sure just eating meat is not sustainable long term.

WYCR burn out or fade away?

(Die young, but quickly and while people would still care, or die old after a long slow decline where people slowly forget them?)


Damn that’s depressing. But to answer your question, probably burn out since he could die a hero.

WYCR die a hero or live long enough to become a villain? (and yes, I made a Dark Knight reference lol)


Idk. Arkenham’s life is… interesting. And it’s highly likely that after he dies, no matter when he dies, he will be the villian, even if he was the hero before.

WYCR have a hamburger or a hotdog?



WYCR learn a new language or learn self-defense?


Gyl would learn a new language, He’s already a trained soldier.

WYCR have terrible food for most days of the week, and having amazing food at the end, or have mediocre food everyday?


I have two character the guy would choose mediocre food and the girl would choose amazing food at the end

WYCR See the world but leave everyone loves at behind or stay


At the start of the story, he’d pick stay behind. At the end though, he chooses to leave and go see the world.

WYCR swim in shark infested waters or spend a day in a dark, damp cave filled with spiders?


My guy character would choose the spiders and my girl character would hope to not choose any of it but in the end spiders even though she is terrified of them and the guy just doesn’t care